Monorail on the track with background of Spaceship Earth in EPCOT at Walt Disney World.

Most Underrated Attractions at EPCOT

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April 7, 2023

We know EPCOT has been killing it lately with headlining attractions like Guardians of the Galaxy, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, and Frozen Ever After.

Not to mention the iconic Spaceship Earth and other OGs like Soarin’ and Test Track.

In truth, EPCOT is probably our favorite park.

You can really take things at your own pace, unlike at some of the other parks. There’s always something to see or to eat and drink.

You get the amazing opportunity to browse, putz, and enjoy the park, the people-watching, and the major rides. 

But what about the other attractions? The ones we breeze past and say, “I’ve been meaning to do that,” as we tear off to our epic ride on Guardians?

We love those other guys. 

Especially in the busier seasons when downtime between Lightning Lanes is a thing.

Bookmark this for your next trip to EPCOT, because you’ll want to hit these overlooked (and often underappreciated) attractions!

Living with the Land

This one may be controversial. On one hand, you have the “Land” diehards who would move into the farmhouse scene with the animatronic rooster if they could.

Then you’ve got the “did we really just use a Lightning Lane to take a boat ride through a greenhouse?” school of thought.

Personally? We love this ride. It’s the perfect mixture of relaxing (away from the crowds) and old-school educational Disney – with super interesting horticulture facts!

…Did we sell it yet?

Worst case scenario: you get a 15-minute air-conditioned nap.

For the full experience, hit Sunshine Seasons or Garden Grill after. Produce at both restaurants is supplied by the greenhouses!

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

Hop in a clamshell (a lot like the Little Mermaid attraction at Magic Kingdom) and journey with Nemo on this gentle dark ride perfect for all ages.

Our favorite part is seeing the Finding Nemo characters inside the aquarium at the end. We still haven’t figured out that tech, but it’s a really cool effect.

Bonus: Take some time and tour the aquarium immediately after disembarking the ride. Maybe you’ll catch them feeding the manatees!

Turtle Talk with Crush

There has been a recent surge of appreciation for this attraction, due mainly to the awesome job the Cast Members do at making this interactive show entertaining for everyone.

Sit with Crush from Finding Nemo and witness him reacting in real-time to the hilarious and sometimes awkward questions he fields from all the kids in the room.

It’s fun, lighthearted, and like, totally, worth the stop, dude.

Impressions de France

Tucked back in the France Pavilion, you’ll find a picturesque entrance to a quiet widescreen theater showcasing a panoramic presentation of France’s cultural triumphs. 

Okay, so we’re a little biased on this one. But for good reason.

The France Pavilion – and this show – is one of our favorites in the World Showcase because it somehow captures that Belle Epoque aesthetic and makes you feel like a champagne-sipping European on a Parisian vacay.

We’re really not sure how this isn’t EPCOT’s top-rated attraction, but c’est la vie.

Gran Fiesta Tour

This one is easy to miss because the Plaza de los Amigos, modeled after a nighttime open-air market inside the pyramid of the Mexico Pavilion, is a beautiful display that deserves your attention.

Once you circle the shops, grab a margarita at La Cava del Tequila (see where it ranks in our margarita guide), and stuff yourself at San Angel Inn, you can hop on a boat with Donald Duck and The Three Caballeros in a it’s-a-small-world-esque tour through the Mexico Pavilion.

We like this one for the Dias de los Meurtos ambiance and for being laidback and easy on our queso-filled bellies.

Germany Model Train Display 

This one isn’t a ride at all, but it is a perfect example of the “slow down and take it in” experience we love to embrace at EPCOT.

The next time you find yourself between Germany and Italy, grab a bier or the Pretzel Bread Pudding from Sommerfest, and take a few minutes to appreciate the miniature Bavarian village complete with lil’ townspeople, animals, and working model trains. 

Younger ones might like a game of I, Spy, while older visitors might find themselves enjoying the slice of peace and quiet the display provides.

If you’re a repeat visitor, it’s worth trying to catch what’s new or different in the display since it does get changed periodically.

Canada: Far and Wide

The Canada Pavilion is probably one of the most overlooked pavilions in EPCOT, period. Most people pass it first when they enter the World Showcase and either bookmark it for “later,” or skip it entirely.

Which is a shame because, besides the maple popcorn cart, they also have a 360-degree panoramic theater showing stunning landscape and city views, plus a cultural appreciation of Canada. 

For us, it’s a fun and charming stop.

Bonus: Take a few extra minutes and see the waterfall tucked away at the back of the pavilion. Fewer people make it back there, so it’s a great opportunity for low-crowd photos!

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