Don't light your money on fire because you didn't know how to use Genie+

Our Genie+ Mastery Mini-Course will teach everything you need to know to hack, stack, and avoid going home missing one of your must-dos!

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Yep, I need this!

 or worse - miss out on the best rides.

Genie! Genie+! Lightning Lanes! ILLS! Return times! Stacking!

While we highly recommend the Genie+ add-on to help you beat the lines, there’s one huge problem with the system:

Unfortunately, if you don’t know how to properly use Genie+, you’re basically lighting your money on fire while watching everyone else roll right past you onto the best rides. (Thanks, Disney!)

So how do you really get your money’s worth? 

By taking just a few minutes to understand how to optimize this new (and 100% confusing, tbh!) service designed to offer “even more convenience and flexibility”... for YOUR group and YOUR vacation preferences. 

the learning curve is INSANE. 

"What do you mean? Don’t I just buy it and get to skip the lines?” 

Nope, not how it works.

clients are raving

"We studied your modules and dominated the parks!"

Inside, you’ll get instant access to step-by-step videos and screenshare tutorials so you ACTUALLY know exactly how and what to do on your phone the minute you step foot into the parks—not having to go straight to the ol’ Guest Services line or blue umbrellas like too many poor, unfortunate, unprepared guests have to do.

We created the Genie+ Mastery mini-course to help vacationers snag those hard-to-get Lightning Lanes and load up their day with rides like Slinky Dog Dash, Space Mountain, and Kilimanjaro Safaris—not just Muppet Vision 3D and It’s a Small World* 😅😅

*ok but f'real, guys!

Once you know how it all works, you’ll be able to ACTUALLY skip the lines all day.

Taking just 15-20 minutes to master the system like you'll do inside this mini-course means:

Getting more than just the average 2-4 Lightning Lanes a day (like, WAY more.)

Not missing out on Lightning Lanes that show up as “sold out” and ending up having to wait in a 60-minute+ standby plan (not ok!)

Knowing how to “stack” so that your Genie+ investment is strategically working for you even when you’re not in the parks! (looking at you, Hollywood Studios!)

Umm, yes, i'm down to take 20 minutes to save 20 hours >>

OK, I’m Ready to Crush It!
What’s Included in the Genie+ Mastery Mini-Course?

  • Overview: How to Use Genie+
  • The RIGHT Way: How to Properly Set Up Genie(+)
  • Optimizing Your Tip Board + Setup
  • How to Juggle Multiple Priorities
  • Must-Know Tech Tips & Tricks
  • Understanding the “Rules”
  • The Best Strategy For Using Genie+
  • Advanced Strategy: The Targeted Refresh Hack
  • Stacking 101: Everything You Need to Know
  • Stacking 201: Best Practices
  • Recap: Biggest Takeaways from Genie+
  • PDFs: Genie+ Triage Cheatsheets

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♥ 30-day happiness guarantee

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Our “How Far  You’ll Go” 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to crush your vacation – that’s the magic of what we do!

Our goal: to offer you tools that make it easy and convenient to experience all of the attractions and more at Walt Disney World with minimal wait times, and feel like your friend in planning.

Whether you’re an absolute newbie or a Disney regular, we think you’ll be pretty doggone delighted and walk away feeling like an expert that now will have quite the advantage when you step foot into the parks (say hi to the Castle for us!).

We want you to be able to try out the Park Strategies for yourself and be excited about all of the goodness inside! Our #1 priority here is your happiness, which means we stand by all of our planning products 100%. 

If for any reason you’re not totally satisfied with your downloads and the quality of information, just email us and we’ll happily issue you a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Ali Wigle is the founder of Wish Upon a Planner and brains behind everything Disney strategy (and usually eating or longing for chips & queso with a salty margarita).

Each year, her strategies help more than 20,000+ people skip long lines, get the most value for their dollars spent, and experience the Walt Disney World vacations of their dreams (and don’t worry – that’s still just .0002% of annual visitors!).

Her specialty? Using her love of numbers and data to analyze crowd patterns, wait times, and pricing trends to show her community members how to plan more efficient, stress-free Disney visits.

Tried and Tested Disney Expertise  You Can (Literally) Count On

An instant best-selling FastPass guide and an exit from her former nursing career quickly turned a side hustle into a a small company.

Each year, her strategies help more than 20,000+ people skip long lines, make the most of their time at the parks, and experience the Walt Disney World vacations of their dreams.

When she’s not overwhelming herself with her latest spreadsheet project, you can find Ali listening to jazz, browsing real estate she can’t afford, and/or eating pizza and cake – all while under a fuzzy blanket. 

Back in 2017, when Ali Wigle – an INFJ, margarita enthusiast (with salt), and chips & queso devotee – was planning an exit from her nursing career, she noticed a big old hole in the Disney content world.

While there was SO MUCH WDW-related info out there, a lot of it was fluffy and cheesy, too vague or too complex, not based on what an actual visitor would experience (hello, influencer + media events), or just plain clickbait (ew).

The words Genie Plus, Lightning Lane, and acronyms like ILLS make you dizzy even though you know that understanding these before you go will help make your trip epic

You know you need a go-to expert resource to help guide you through all the new info and strategies you’re going to need for the new Genie system – after COVID so rudely changed everything

You’re a first-time visitor, it’s been a while since your last trip, or you haven’t yet grasped Genie+

You’ve experienced anxiety or serious FOMO around missing your most desired experiences via Lightning Lanes and having to wait in long standby lines (or worse, miss out completely)

You are one of those annual visitors to Disney, so you are VERY familiar with how quickly the best attractions book up and the technology changes…but you’d rather learn Genie+ strategies from an expert than sort through outdated blogs and news articles for yourself.

How to know if the
Genie+ Mastery Mini-Course is right for you:

Current Sale Price = $27

♥ 30-day happiness guarantee




Why would I need a course on this? Doesn’t Genie+ just allow me to skip the lines? 

Genie+ does not just grant you a line-skip on every attraction, it requires some skill to use it properly and make sure you get to do the rides you want. 

The majority of guests don’t ever understand how it works and barely get any use out of it at all, maybe get 2-3 Lightning Lane return times for smaller attractions but miss out on headliners or be forced to waste time in long standby lines, or only just start getting the hang of it by the last day of their trip (or worse, 2-3 trips from now). 

If you’re going to spend all that money on an add-on, seriously—take the time to make sure you’re not just throwing that money away.

I’m busy, because, you know, life. How much time will this take?

The mini-course was designed to be incredibly time-efficient: there are multiple videos, but most are just 2-3 minutes or even seconds to show you examples of how to work the system properly.

The total video time is approximately 13 minutes (woot, lucky) and with the text to accompany it, the course should take around 20 minutes. The perfect amount of time to watch it with coffee one morning before your trip (or that end-of-the-day glass of wine, heyo)...or, solid plane material while you’re on your way to the World!

What if I’m not sure I’m buying Genie+?

This mini-course is specifically designed for optimizing and maxing out Lightning Lane returns times through the Genie+ system, so you won’t want to purchase it until you’re certain you’re going to be using Genie+. The course takes about 20-30 minutes max, so you can always grab it on vacation if needed ;)

I’ve been to Disney and was decent with FastPass. Genie+ should be easy, right?

If you were skilled with FastPass, you’ll probably pick up on Genie+ faster than most. But there are still some learning curves and major differences with the Genie+ system. For the small investment, I say take the course.

Is this course included with the All Access Pass?

Yes, it is! The Insider’s All Access opens up 4x a year, you can check here to see if it’s opening before your next trip. If not, go ahead and grab the mini-course! 

I already know a lot about Disney or I’m doing a ton of research. Do I really need this?

Even most experts say they get a lot out of our strategy guides & courses, because our team is full-time researchers dedicated to bringing vacationers data-driven strategy in a system, not just random “tips” or “tricks”. 

Disney seems to change things an insane amount. What if I purchase and something changes?

No worries! We keep all the materials updated and you will get access to updates for the life of the program.

Customers are raving

"I was a vacation hero to my family!"

Imagine the shocked and delighted face on your kiddo after telling ‘em you just scored a Lightning Lane for Remy’s or Millennium Falcon even when it was showing “sold out” for the day and looking impossible.

Anyone going on a Disney World vacation knows it’s not an “easy” vacation.

Nor a cheap one.

A little bit of proper strategy and investment before your big trip usually means
happy memory dividends for a lifetime.

So let’s make sure you’re scanning or stacking Lightning Lanes all day, kewl?

Current Sale Price = $27

♥ 30-day happiness guarantee

Yep, I KNOW I'll need this! >>