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I’m new here and want some help with deciding what to do first!

Yay! We’re happy you’re here, and we’re even happier that you’re giving yourself the tools to have an even better vacation!

If you're planning a trip to Walt Disney World, we have a 3-tiered planning "system" that is available for purchase individually (or as a bundle). We recommend starting with the Complete Parks Strategy Playbook so you can stay out of long lines (trust us, it's necessary...Disney is NOT a place you can wing it). You can add the Genie+ Mini-Course and/or the VIP Membership for a discount during checkout, or later.

We also have guides for Universal Orlando and Disneyland as well.

Make sure to also grab our free sample itineraries - they're full of insider tips + great recommendations (and some drool-worthy snack photos).

I have a question about my vacation.

We hear ya – when you’re planning a big trip, all sorts of questions can come up! Unfortunately, we get hundreds of messages each day asking for personalized advice, and it’s impossible to get to all of them.

I (Ali) do answer 1:1 questions and holds monthly Planning Q&A sessions in the VIP Membership. I'd love to see ya there!

Are you a travel agent?

Wish Upon a Planner itself is not a travel agency and doesn't offer services; we specialize in digital guides and strategy offerings.

We do have an official partner agency, We Do Travel Right. They are the best in the business — total experts, amazing women, and hard workers. They will find and book all of your dining reservations, help you choose resorts (and make requests for you), and so much more. They are FREE, so I highly recommend using 'em!

I’d love to submit feedback/testimonial/ concerns/product idea or request.

First, thanks for taking time out of your busy life to let us know you had a great experience or to share your feedback! You can use the form below or email us at

If you had a great experience, we always appreciate a review on our official Facebook page. Did we tell you you’re the best?

I want to work for Wish Upon a Planner!

We know – this line of work sounds like a lot of fun! In reality, though, we spend 90% of our days dealing with technology and marketing and not chilling on the hub grass sipping bottomless LeFou's Brews (rude, right?). We’re a small team and we don’t have frequent openings, though we do occasionally hire experienced writers, editors, and park researchers. In the rare instance we do have openings, you can find all the details on our Jobs page

If you're a blogger and trying to grow your website, we occasionally welcome the thoughtful guest blog post. Use the Contact Form below and give us the details we need.

I want to partner with Wish Upon a Planner!

We love working with and supporting other small businesses and creators—are we're occasionally available for podcasts, interviews. etc. Just hit us up using the form below.

Advertisements, affiliates, referrals, etc.:
While we love supporting other small businesses, we typically only recommend products and services that we’ve organically found, tested, loved, and grown to trust.

If you have a product or service you’d love for us to try, though, you can send us more information using the contact form below. Unfortunately, due to the volume of messages we receive, we’re not able to guarantee a response. 

We currently do not use any display advertising on our site. 

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Please read before using this form: this form should be used for technical issues and inquiries, not trip advice or questions that should be directed to Disney. As you can imagine, we receive hundreds of messages a day of people asking for trip planning advice, and it'd just be impossible to get to them all. We recommend crowdsourcing your question in our Facebook planning group. If you submit a question about personalized planning, we unfortunately will not be able to respond. 

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