Photo of the outside of La Creperie de Paris restaurant at Disney World's EPCOT against a blue sky.

7 Underrated Disney World Restaurants (That You Can Easily Get Into)

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April 28, 2023

Three Bridges Bar & Grill (Coronado Springs Resort)

Perfect for those staying at Coronado or Gran Destino Tower and easily accessible by Disney buses for those who aren’t, Three Bridges is an unassuming hidden gem. 

While the overall experience may come off a little more muted than other dining spots on Disney property, the menu is solid, and the ambiance of open-air seating over the lake is stunning – especially at night

Favorite Bites: For us, it’s the Warm Manchego and Oaxaca Cheese Dip (uhm, can anyone say no to warm cheese?) and the Three Bridges Signature Burger

Favorite Drinks: We love the sangria, but most of the cocktails we’ve had are great! This place is quickly becoming one of our go-to spots for an after-park nightcap.

La Crêperie de Paris (France Pavilion, EPCOT)

The vibe here isn’t super exciting, but the menu definitely is. La Crȇperie is an authentically French eating experience and a solid choice for your World Showcase tour.

Reservations are pretty easy to get last-minute, but if all else fails, walk-up is usually available (and certainly worth a try)!

You can order your galette or crȇpe à la carte, or try the prix fixe menu if you’re hungry and looking for a fuller lunch.

Favorite Bites: Try the savory Savoyarde Galette (ham, cheese, and onion), then finish with either the Gourmande Crȇpe (house-made hazelnut chocolate sauce) or Poire Crȇpe (pear and chocolate ganache).

Favorite Drinks: We love to pair our crȇpes with a dry cider!

Ale & Compass (Yacht Club Resort)

We have tons of places around the World we recommend for a great breakfast, but this one might be our favorite breakfast on Disney property. Full stop.

A Disney mainstay, Ale & Compass is one of the best-kept secrets of the EPCOT resorts. You can’t go wrong with lunch or dinner, either.

Unlike other breakfast options at Disney, you can access a regular-menu entree AND a buffet.

Prepare to be full AF, because there is not one thing on this menu that isn’t amazing.

Favorite Bites: The Shrimp and White Cheddar Grits are KILLER. We also love the Breakfast Flatbread and, for a sweeter option, give the Dark Chocolate Waffles a try. (Do you see what we mean?)

Favorite Drinks: While we love a classic brunch cocktail, we also love shaking things up with the light and fruity Agua Fresca Libation.

Trattoria al Forno (Disney’s BoardWalk)

If you’ve been around WUAP and followed us for any length of time, you know this one comes up. Maybe a lot. Who’s counting?

Trattoria al Forno is another great breakfast option on the BoardWalk, but we’re coming here for the daily made-in-house pasta.

This is a great dinner option, especially if you’re bringing the whole family! The food and atmosphere are nicer and more upscale than the standard theme park sit-down, but it’s noisy and no-frills enough for you to bring the kiddos and not feel bad about it.

Favorite Bites:
Hands down, it’s the Truffle Gnocchi for us. The Lasagna al Forno is also insane.

Favorite Drinks:
Try the Menta Espresso Martini for a nice after-park pick-me-up!

Victoria Falls Lounge (Animal Kingdom Lodge)

This is sneaky since it’s not technically a restaurant; it’s a lounge in the Jambo House (main building) of the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

It’s worth a mention, though, because not only do we love the dark, moody ambiance of the Lodge for cocktails, but, more importantly, everything on the (albeit small) menu is incredible

Favorite Bites: If you’re in the mood for a heartier option, the Braai Burger is unreal. Ordering the Spiced Goat Cheese Dip as a starter is a must, though!

Favorite Drinks: Anything on this cocktail list is a go!

Todd English’s Bluezoo (Dolphin Resort)

Tucked away in the Dolphin Resort, you probably won’t hear of this one too often. But take note because the location makes it super convenient and easy to get to on an EPCOT or Hollywood Studios day!

Bluezoo has a super cool bar area and a fantastic seafood menu. If you’re seafood hesitant (or outright averse), don’t worry – they’ve got an extensive menu with lots of solid non-Nemo & friends choices! 

Favorite Bites: We looooove seafood (especially when visiting Florida), so we’ll usually grab the Tuna Poke Tacos and Crab Nachos as starters before we dive into the fresh fish entree with risotto. You get to choose from a selection of fish, too, and there are tons of options!

Favorite Drinks: The Burnt Orange is a solid choice for anyone who enjoys a tequila cocktail.

Turf Club Bar & Grill (Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa)

Situated over at Saratoga Springs, the Turf Club can be a bit of a pain to get to. But we grew up in a horse-racing family in Louisville, Kentucky, so an old-timey, racetrack-themed restaurant plays to our hearts and is a winner in our book!

The restaurant serves your typical steakhouse mainstays, and the food is delicious. The value is the most significant difference and what makes this place stand out.

You’ll get bigger portions and lower prices than other signature steakhouses on property.

Favorite Bites: The Prime Rib is their specialty, but you can’t go wrong with the filet mignon or the Braised Lamb Pappardelle. Don’t miss the French Onion Soup, either!

Favorite Drinks: There’s an awesome (and extensive!) cocktail list here, and you know we’ve got our eye on the different margarita options. But for a thematically appropriate Kentucky Derby vibe, you’ve gotta get the Mint Julep!

Bonus: Primo Piatto (Riviera Resort) 

Primo Piatto is a quick-service restaurant over at the Riviera Resort on the Skyliner route, but we had to include it because it is criminally underrated.

With breakfast options like Blueberry-Lemon Pancakes topped with Mascarpone Cream, and then dinner options like the Croque Monsieur sandwich, it’s quick-service at it’s most elegant.

Pro Tip
: Get ahead by placing your Mobile Order on your way to the Skyliner! Then, afterward when you’re ready for dessert, head over to Le Petit Cafe (also at the Riviera)! The pastry case is something else.

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