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Ever wasted hours hunting down the best airfare prices, shoes that aren’t going to shred your feet after 12 hours of wear, a stroller than doesn’t require a 200 ft turning radius, grocery delivery at Walt Disney World, or what the ACTUAL best travel credit card for points is?

Yeah, us too. But you can stop searching now – we’ve got you! Welcome to WUAP’s Favorites, where you’ll find our honest recommendations for all of your Disney and travel needs. We’re a practical bunch, and we only feature products and services that we’ve personally tested, use, and love.

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WUAP Readers' Choice Awards

We hear you: Googling “best backpack,” “best walking shoes,” or “best stroller,” and throwing yourself at the mercy of a bunch of (fakeee) Amazon reviews feels like yet ANOTHER part of the neverending Planning a Disney Vacation job description. 

Well, say hello to the Wish Upon a Planner Readers' Choice Awards in our Amazon Shop. Get recommendations you can trust from more than 400 (smart) people, stop the Googling, and get to the *add to cart* part already!


Gettin’ Around

We personally use rideshare, Uber/Lyft, when getting back and forth from MCO but also while in Orlando. It’s easy, usually the most affordable, and we’ve never had an issue on over 200+ rides in the past few years.

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The easiest cashback site on the web—if you’re an online shopper (umm, who isn’t), install the Chrome Extension and you’re good to go. Plus, $30 for signing up and using. It’s legit, and it’s awesome.

Start getting cash back


Need more space or your own private pool? Renting a house usually means saving tons of money at Disney. We almost always use VRBO, and our specific search is below.

Check out neighborhoods we like


There’s lots of grocery delivery services for those snacks & morning coffee stash, but we find Insta to have the best selection and best service. We love ‘em.

Our #1 grocery pick

Travel Agency

The best travel agency there is out there. Total experts, a whole team that will find you any dining or hotel reservation you need — all free when you book with them. And, they care! :)

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The best site for booking off-property hotels and resorts, and really, travel in general. We love booking the Swan/Dolphin via a good Express Deal.

The actual search we use

Chase Sapphire Preferred

The absolute best rewards credit card, especially for travelers. Skip the Disney Visa card thing.

Gimme the points, baybee

Undercover Tourist

The best and most legit site for discounted park tickets. Their company and customer service is superb.

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David’s DVC Rentals

So you can save hundreds (and thousands in some cases) on Deluxe Resorts at Disney. 

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Editor Favorites

Sites & services that we trust, use, and love—no junk here. All to help save you time, sanity, and major dough. (and now I want a pastry).

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