Entrance to the restaurant Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen at Magic Kingdom.

The Restaurants of Magic Kingdom: What to Know

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March 24, 2023

It isn’t uncommon for us to get questions about places to eat at Magic Kingdom. Sometimes it’s easier to eat dinner at the park because the popcorn bucket ain’t cuttin’ it.

Maybe you’re juggling a stroller and two diaper bags and it’s a hassle to leave for food, or you’re a Rope-Drop-to-Park-Closer looking for a recharge before hitting the next headliner.

On the rare occasion, you’re both of those things and in that case, we’d really like to talk to you after this to make sure you’re ok.

Everyone knows where to find a Dole Whip or the Spring Roll Cart in Adventureland, but where do you go in the park for sit-down table-service dining?

Anyone who has been to Magic Kingdom knows that dining options can be a little tricky. Either they’re wildly popular with difficult-to-get reservations, or they’re wildly outdated.

We’ve eaten at all the Magic Kingdom table service restaurants numerous times, so we know what they offer.

But more importantly, we can help answer if it’s worth it for you.

Buckle up for our honest opinions about each dining spot in Magic Kingdom.

Note: if your eyes opened wide at our Spring Roll comment or you need some snack recommendations, make sure you don’t leave the site without grabbing our free expert itineraries.

If you’re looking for good ol’ Disney nostalgia, try…

The Plaza Restaurant 

This restaurant, located across from Casey’s Corner on Main Street USA, is a pretty decent, low-key option. The menu has a nostalgic flair that is very on-brand for old-school Walt Disney

While the dishes are nothing crazy and the choices are a bit limited, there are a few solid options. We suggest checking the menu beforehand to make sure something sounds good!

Overall, we enjoy it as a comfortable spot that allows you to sit down and take a break from the madness of the park.

If you’re in the mood for classic Italian, go to….

Tony’s Town Square

Tony’s has a menu that will be familiar to most, making it a good choice for younger families or picky eaters. 

On par with the Plaza, it’s also another excellent spot to sit and relax (and at a lower cost than other restaurants at Magic Kingdom!). Is it exciting or super memorable? No. But it works.

They used to serve simple but absolutely delicious pizzas, and if they ever bring them back, this would return to being a go-to spot for us.

That being said, we have previously featured and continue to recommend the garlic bread appetizer. It’s worth a stop for that alone!

If you’re looking for worldly cuisine, try…

Skipper Canteen 

We’ve talked about Skipper Canteen many times before, and it’s probably our number one pick for restaurants at Magic Kingdom as far as food is concerned.

A Jungle Cruise-themed establishment featuring mainly Pan-Asian and African-inspired options, we recommend this one for foodies and families with adventurous palates. And there are even chicken tenders and mac & cheese for the kids.

Bonus tip: Be sure to try the secret menu item,  Pão de Queijo! It’s Brazilian cheese bread and it’s fabulous.

The atmosphere leaves a little to be desired, as it’s not super fun for kids. We’d still say it is worth it, though!

If you like a kitschy experience, go to…

Liberty Tree Tavern

Reaching cult favorite status, Liberty Tree Tavern is quite niche as far as restaurants go. But it is a VIBE.

If you aren’t familiar, the menu is an “all-you-care-to-enjoy” (read: buffet) Thanksgiving feast. Except it’s also all Revolutionary America-themed.

See what we mean by niche?

While it is fun, and we’d say it’s pretty tasty, we’re usually not down to spend this much money on bottomless carved turkey and stuffing when it’s 90 degrees out…

If you want a hug from Eeyore or Pooh, head to…

Crystal Palace

Ok, this one is tough. The food isn’t great by any means, but damn, the Winnie the Pooh characters are friggin’ adorable (and they’re probably our favorites as far as character dining characters go).

If Crystal Palace is a priority for you and your group, we would skip the high cost (and worse quality!) of lunch or dinner and recommend going for breakfast.

First of all, it’s hard to mess up breakfast food. Second of all, they have fried churro waffles (holy crap).

Pro tip: Opt to go for a late breakfast, not an early one. Use the morning hours to get those easy Lightning Lanes and hit rides with low standby waits.

Then have breakfast later as the lines start to grow, and rest your feet for a bit!

If you want something Beauty and the Beast-inspired, try…

Be Our Guest

We hate to say it, but this is one that usually comes in high on the list when we annually ask our readers, “what was the most overrated thing you did during your Disney trip.”

Be Our Guest isn’t horrible or anything, but we frequently hear (and agree) that it is priiiiicey for the quality of the food and overall experience. 

We don’t really love the atmosphere and think that for the price, it should be a character meal (for the record, it isn’t!).

If you were interested in going primarily for the theming, we’d just as soon recommend heading to the Enchanted Rose at the Grand Floridian for lovely Beauty and the Beast-inspired cocktails. 

If you’re looking for a royal welcome, head to….

Cinderella’s Royal Table

This is another tricky one since it usually tops the same “overrated” list as Be Our Guest from our readers.

When you think of Disney World, you immediately think of Cinderella Castle and the characters. This dining experience provides both, but the food is typically average quality at an exorbitant price.


We know many of you looking at this reservation probably have princess-obsessed littles and aren’t choosing this restaurant for an earth-shattering culinary experience. 

In that case, we say Cinderella’s Royal Table is worth the price tag as a one-time experience.

Otherwise, if we’re looking to spend that kind of money on food, we’re hopping on the monorail and going to California Grill for dinner. 

If you want a spot to take a hard pass on…

Diamond Horseshoe


Somehow still standing over in Frontierland, this restaurant, themed as an old Western music hall, has a pretty dull buffet for lunch and dinner.

Is there a reason this spot hasn’t been replaced by a Haunted Mansion or Pirates-themed establishment yet? C’mon, Disney!

I mean, we told you we’d be honest.

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