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clients are raving

Our trip has been from 6/19-6/26. I’m at WDW doing this survey, actually. Our trip has been epic and super efficient and we have loved it! We are a family of 4: Mom, Dad, 2 girls (ages 8 and 4). Park hopper, the Lightning Lane Tips and tricks, 26/8, EE, rope drop, staying late, your foodie suggestions for snacks and restaurants, it ALL worked for us, so thank you, Ali. You’re my new best friend.

Our trip has been epic!

– shelley, VT

I want to thank you for all the Lightning Lane tips. We took advantage of early entry and with the tips, we rarely waited in line. We rode Expedition Everest three times in a row with no line. We never followed the crowd but we stuck to your tips and it worked. Thank you for all your work!! 😊

We never waited in line!

– Mellisa M.T., Texas

Since being a customer, I’ve taken the time to really strategize ahead of our WDW trips in order to maximize our vacations and get the most for our money. I felt like I was prepared for any scenario, which is awesome b/c you don't always know if the fam is going to be up at dawn ready to rope drop or needs a day to sleep in. Either way, I felt prepared to still get a lot out of our day!

We maximize our vacations!

– Christina B., Ohio

We were able to get many sold out rides with your strategies. I think my family would hate our trips if I didn’t have them planned out and strategized with what I’ve learned through you. It would take our favorite family time of the year to possibly the worst if they went on a trip only to stand in lines. They never stand in lines because of my planning. The only lines we stand in are bus lines.

We went on sold-out rides!

– Erin C., Tennessee

Not only are you trying to pack everything in during a short amount of time, you want to avoid the crowds & long lines, get the reservations you want, AND figure out your park strategy. 

But mindlessly scrolling through 837 browser tabs of random mommy or travel blogs… or thumbing through #disneyinfluencer content…

… yeah, that’s not going to show you how to get that “sold out for the day” Lightning Lane that your kid is begging you to go on and in full meltdown mode over.

(Though we totally endorse the influencer scrolling for eye-candy purposes, though—hello, new seasonal Dole Whip!)

Planning a Disney trip is no joke.

clients are raving

All the Wish Upon a Planner products helped me have a wonderful vacation that exceeded expectations.

Your products are more than worth the cost!

– Jill, Michigan

Your products have changed the amount of time spent in lines. To know the order to do rides and how to truly use Genie + is invaluable.

These products are total game-changers!

– Sarah J., Indiana

Thank you so much for all the work you have put into all of the resources, especially the Planning Blueprints. I am definitely the type to enjoy the prep and anticipation of the trip as much as the trip itself and your products make it even more fun!

Our trip prep is so much more fun now!

– Caroline J., Georgia

My whole strategy to Disney changed after finding you, I am less stressed when I get to Disney.

My Disney strategy changed for the better!

– Stacy F., Alabama

ROI, baby. Time with your family is precious, time at Disney with your family? Extra precious… and expensive, too.

But our customers?

Did you know…

The average Disney guest will spend over 5 hours in lines a day. 

^^ That happens because they don’t know when to go where, TOTALLY butcher meal planning, or worst—completely miss out on a must-do attraction because they didn’t know how things work these days.

They experience 81% more in the parks than the average guest using our guides.* 

And it’s not just your memories we’re making—
These are memories your loved ones will also remember for life.

We need to minimize waits & maximize your time
(and memories) with a
data-driven plan-of-attack.

We need to minimize waits & maximize your time (and memories) with
a data-driven

clients are raving

I had to say thank you to Ali for all of the wonderful tips, tricks, and training! We went to Disney last week, and I was armed with knowledge about Lightning Lanes, DAS, and mobile food orders and 26/8 restaurant reservation window, and my family was so impressed! We rode everything we wanted to ride at all 4 parks over the course of our trip. I felt like a BOSS on this trip, and my sister who is usually the more organized planner of our group was very impressed with my skills ☺️. Wish Upon a Planner was a very worthwhile investment. Thank you!!

I felt like a BOSS on this trip!

– Jaime T., South Carolina

I can't thank you enough for the countless hours of waiting in line that you have saved be over the years. When I first signed up, I was worried I shouldn't have spent money one learning how to not wait in line. But once I started watching the videos and reading the material, I knew it was WELL worth the amount I spent. If I am going to spend thousands of dollars on vacation, I want to be able to see and do as much as possible. The information you share through your site has made all of my Disney trips flow so smoothly, and I have never left disappointed. Thank you SO much for helping us feel like Disney experts and allowing us to snag those hard-to-get rides. You rock!

We saved so much time!

– Ellen R., IL

We are leaving WDW as we speak after a week of parks for my husband and I as well as attending UDA Dance Nationals at ESPN with my daughter. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the information, explanations, advice and resources Wish Upon a Planner provided. I spent the whole time explaining the details to my group. Meanwhile they waited hours for things and my husband and I did absolutely everything we wanted. I had someone tell me “You should start a blog….” I told them “No….I READ the blog!” I’ve directed probably a dozen people here based on our experience. I’m sure this changed the entire experience of our trip….our last real trip with our baby girl before she graduates from high school in May. From the bottom of my heart….thank you! ❤️

This changed the entire experience of our trip!

– Jennifer B., Colorado

Parks have been full and without this strategy you’d literally be at the mercy of luck. I’ve talked to so many others that didn’t even get close to SDMT or RoR or SM. We rode all of those with minimal waits thanks to Ali’s advice!! All I can say is that Ali is a genius and she saved our a**! These guides have literally been a Godsend. My husband “gets it” now too, because he’s been listening to all the people we’ve talked to and how disappointed they are because they came here and missed these epic attractions. Disney World is not for the weak of heart, lol. I feel like I’m a rockstar with these plans. Thank you so much for real real. 🤩

Ali is a genius and she saved us!

– Stephanie S., Alabama

Planning on using the Lightning Lane pass? We recommend it, but there’s a steep learning curve. Basically: learn how to milk it so you’re getting Lightning Lanes all day vs. lighting your money on fire!

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Anyone going to Disney knows how complicated planning is. 

And while there is never-ending content about Disney World, our approach is a little different around here.

We develop strategies based on actual data—and present the info in the most glass-slipper-clear format, whether it be text, flowchart, or video tutorial.

Then, we use that to help you develop your custom vacation gameplan—whether your style is bear-hugging characters at breakfast or splurging on fresh pan-seared scallops over the Seven Seas Lagoon. 

Because yes, we love Disney… but we also love being smart consumers.

You can always count on our team to give it to you straight. No bias. No nonsense.

All of the hoops and to-dos shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying your planning vacation, or heck, even enjoying the planning process. 


That person standing in a crowd, helplessly staring at a map? 
Not you, m’friend.

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organized plan of action for your best vacation yet.

It’s time to confidently design a handcrafted, power-packed Disney vacation.

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We recommend having it with Funfetti and mimosas. Ok, maybe coffee and donuts.

Planning your vacation should be FUN - save the screams for when you ride Space Mountain.

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clients are raving

My entire understanding of Disney and the system has changed with your products. How to understand the system and make it work for you instead of just taking what’s offered for face value. Thank you for all that you do! I can’t imagine Disney without you. Seriously have made our Disney trips so magical and the reason why it has been worth it for our family to go back to Disney multiple times.

I can’t imagine Disney without your guides!

– Rosina G., Maryland

“The products and content you guys provide/share are wonderful. I appreciate that they’re legit and useful and not full of fluff or the things you can find on most other sites. The FB group is legit as well. So helpful!”

"I appreciate that your products are not full of fluff!"

– Michelle D.

We barely wait in any lines. We’re also aware of much more dining options than the standard fare. We also just feel much more in control of our trip rather than being run over by The Mouse.

Our trips to the park are much more successful now!

– Anonymous, New York

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*Oh, you’re one of THOSE…(it’s cool, so are we #logic). Here’s the full scoop with this stat: the average annual attraction wait time at WDW is 42 minutes. Our customer surveys and reports (gathered from over 500 individuals each year) show that our customers have waited an average of 8 minutes in line since we started in 2017. You can do the arithmetic if ya want, but that difference in wait time = 81% each day. And that is exactly why we offer happiness, money-back guarantees on everything we put out. Huzzah!


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