Planning your vacation just
got way more fun.

Introducing the “Choose Your Own Adventure” Planning Blueprints

Treat yourself to expert itineraries full of crazy good tips, tricks, food charts, snack crawls, hidden gem experiences, top restaurants + highest-rated items, best viewing spots for nighttime shows, secret photo ops, queuing strategies (it’s us after all)...

...and so. much. more.

YES, I want the themed blueprints!

Planning your vacation just got way more fun.


Park Hopper


Balanced w/Park Hopper


Adult w/Park Hopper

Budget Foodie

Deluxe Foodie

All 8 themed itineraries are included in this All Access Bundle:

Design your most epic Disney vacation plan yet in an organized and stylish manner, without the fuss of sorting through dozens of ad-ridden blogs and subjective information

Optimize your overall dining and snacking plans, so you don’t have to miss out on the best quality, value, OR experience)

Enhance any of your current plans with pro tips and hidden gems (because you don’t know what you don’t know…now forgive us for using that cliché)

Whether you want to just download & go with an entire week’s itinerary…

or do it the ol’ Goosebumps
“Choose  Your Own Adventure” way...

one dream vacation, comin’ up!

What people are saying about
the Blueprints:

included are things like:

“Best of” Dining Charts

  • The top-rated options for every meal, each day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, SNACKS!

  • The best quick-service and table-service meals options for meals 

  •  Most popular items at that location so you don’t miss anything 

  • Suggestions for meals at a resort when the quality, experience, and credit use is better

Pro & Insider Tips

  • Expert nighttime show and firework viewing spots with suggested arrival times so you don’t waste precious park time standing around (but still get a great spot!)

  • Resort hopping activity charts – tour those beautiful resorts like the pro you are

  • EPCOT World Showcase top experiences chart so you don’t miss any action

Time & Efficiency Tips

  • Suggested time frames for when to arrive at the park, when to take breaks, when to park hop, etc.

  • Best strategies for transportation around the World so you’re zipping around smoothly

Attraction Strategy

  • Priority order to book Genie+ eligible rides in 

  • How to best tour the park and prioritize attraction order

  • Best rides for different scenarios: after dark, when waits are high, best AC + rest spots

Banish FOMO, because you’ll know where all the good stuff is (like the gooey cinnamon rolls)

Know exactly where and what to fuel on, what to skip, and exactly where to stand for those fireworks

Understand how to make vacation a *vacation*—not just being hot and tired in a theme park all day

so if you're ready to...

...the planning blueprint bundle just mightttt be for you ;)

Sounds like the chips to my queso—tell me more!

Blueprints are expert, themed templates for an ideal vacation at Disney World:

Each individual blueprint is around ~30 pages and provides the framework for optimal overall touring.

You’ll get eight themed Blueprints included in this All Access Bundle (normally sold separately for $14.99).

We’ll show you what an entire dream week looks like – not just one day!

Anticipating and planning = more happiness

Studies show that planning and anticipating vacations actually bring just as much pleasure, if not more than the actual travel itself…and we believe it (hello, excuse to buy new paper product and pens!).

Might as well make the Disney planning part fun as hell and make sure that precious vacation time goes the same way.

Eight themed Blueprints are included*: Classic, Park Hopper, Balanced, Balanced w/Park Hopper, Adult, Adult w/Park Hopper, Deluxe Foodie, and Budget Foodie. 

Each Blueprint includes a total of six days including (one bonus day with the option of Disney Springs, Resort Hopping, or adding another park day!). No worries if your trip is a different duration – you’ll find them helpful whether you’re going for two days or ten days! 

The Blueprints are planned with the parks in a certain order to conserve energy and give you an idea of a solid overall structure for how to layout your vacation days. However, these days can absolutely be switched and moved around!

Our Planning Blueprints are instant access digital PDF files that you can download or print for your vacation.

Let’s make sure you’re planning an awesome vacation all the way around—

Not just picking a resort or planning attraction strategy, but actually seeing and doing ALL of the best stuff Disney has to offer.

the bundle deets:

Cost of an individual blueprint sold separately = $14.99

Total value of all eight purchased separately = $119.92

♥ 14-day happiness guarantee

yes, gimme that bundle!

*These are “best of” Blueprints, so many things will be repeated throughout multiple Blueprints as we don’t stray from the top options or money-saving advice. You’ll still get very different overall feels in each theme though – the All Access Bundle is still our #1 seller of the Blueprints!

TODAY's BLUEPRINT BUNDLE Price for all eight = $27

Let’s make sure you’re planning an awesome vacation all the way around—

Ali Wigle is the founder of Wish Upon a Planner and brains behind everything Disney strategy (and usually eating or longing for chips & queso with a salty margarita).

Each year, her strategies help more than 20,000+ people skip long lines, get the most value for their dollars spent, and experience the Walt Disney World vacations of their dreams (and don’t worry – that’s still just .0002% of annual visitors!).

Her specialty? Using her love of numbers and data to analyze crowd patterns, wait times, and pricing trends to show her community members how to plan more efficient, stress-free Disney visits.

Tried and Tested Disney Expertise  You Can (Literally) Count On

An instant best-selling FastPass guide and an exit from her former nursing career quickly turned a side hustle into a a small company.

Each year, her strategies help more than 20,000+ people skip long lines, make the most of their time at the parks, and experience the Walt Disney World vacations of their dreams.

When she’s not overwhelming herself with her latest spreadsheet project, you can find Ali listening to jazz, browsing real estate she can’t afford, and/or eating pizza and cake – all while under a fuzzy blanket. 

Back in 2017, when Ali Wigle – an INFJ, margarita enthusiast (with salt), and chips & queso devotee – was planning an exit from her nursing career, she noticed a big old hole in the Disney content world.

While there was SO MUCH WDW-related info out there, a lot of it was fluffy and cheesy, too vague or too complex, not based on what an actual visitor would experience (hello, influencer + media events), or just plain clickbait (ew).

Our “How Far  You’ll Go” 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to crush your vacation – that’s the magic of what we do!

Our goal: to offer you tools that make it easy and convenient to experience all of the attractions and more at Walt Disney World with minimal wait times, and feel like your friend in planning.

We want you to be able to try the Blueprints out for yourself and be excited about all of the goodness inside! Our #1 priority here is your happiness, which means we stand by all of our planning products 100%. 

If for any reason you’re not totally satisfied with your downloads and the quality of information, just email us and we’ll happily issue you a full refund within 14 days of purchase.

Happy customers

" incredible."



I already have some other products of yours—how is this different?

Most of our other products (The Complete Parks Strategy Playbook, Genie+ Mastery Mini-Course, and the Universal Orlando Strategy Guide) are focused on strategy – how to beat lines, navigate the parks, get organized, etc. It’s very methodology and process-oriented content.

The Planning Blueprints are lots of ideas, packed into charts and tips into a long-form itinerary. For example, the Blueprints will tell you the top three meals for table-service or quick-service lunch at the Magic Kingdom including the most popular items to order. Where our strategy guides will focus more on attractions/rides!

I’ve done a ton of research and I plan a ton. Will this still help me?

Yes! Previous purchasers say that it helps to sharpen and enhance their current plans. You may even see that some of your current plans aren’t the most effective options and want to change them, and we give suggestions on that.

I bought the Planning Blueprints back in 2019 or early 2020. Are these the same?

Just like a traditional guidebook, or car, or mascara, you get it—things change and products need upgrades, new features, and new design. These are the latest for 2022/2023. While your old Blueprints and the relevant information in there can absolutely be used, these are the latest and greatest!

What if I’ve already made some dining reservations or planned a lot?

No worries! You’ll still find all of the information helpful – and you may even change your mind on some of your reservations and change them around (doable). We have a lot of customers who purchase even though their plans are set. They report that the Pro Tips alone were worth it!

Is there a discount or package to buy BOTH the Planning Blueprints and other products or courses?

The way to get multiple products discounted is via the All Access Pass.

The All Access Pass includes access to every single product and download (at a ridiculously cheap price).

This is offered 4x/year, so if you're considering the Blueprints, you may want to check and see when the All Access Pass opens next!

I'm thinking of getting the All Access Pass next time it opens. Are these included with that? Should I wait?

They sure all -the All Access Pass includes access to every single product and download (at a ridiculously cheap price).

This is offered 4x/year, so if you're considering the Blueprints, you may want to check and see when the All Access Pass opens next!

Why is it so cheap to receive all eight Blueprints when they're $14.99 individually?

We price the bundle lower because there is some overlap in each themed Blueprint. These are “best of” Blueprints, so many things will be repeated throughout multiple Blueprints as we don’t stray from the top options or money-saving advice. You’ll still get very different overall feels in each theme though – the All Access Bundle is our #1 seller.

What are the differences between all of the themed Blueprints?

Great question! There are 8 different themed itineraries in the bundle: Classic, Park Hopper, Balanced (One Park Per Day), Balanced w/Park Hopper, Adult (One Park Per Day), Adult w/Park Hopper, Foodie (Deluxe), and Foodie (Budget).

The Classic and Park Hopper options are mainly themed for families or anyone who wants to spend the majority of time at the parks.

The Balanced options are for those who enjoy a balance of early mornings with slower, late mornings; want to spend most of their time in the parks, but also would enjoy spending some time experiencing and dining at resorts outside of the park.

The Adult Blueprints are mainly themed for grown-ups who want to experience the parks but more on top of that and have a few hours each day to enjoy a more mature lounge or dining experience.

The Foodie Blueprints are best for those who like to be in the parks but also focus on snacks and food and appreciate occasionally leaving the parks to hit the best “hidden gem” restaurants. We also give multiple bar/lounge options, so foodies who like to wine and dine will appreciate this blueprint.

How do I receive the Blueprints? How long are they good for?

You’ll receive access immediately via email after your purchase and they will also be uploaded to your private customer portal. And they’re yours to keep forever!

I’m going with a large group. Can these plans still be used?

Yes, absolutely. The plans won’t change based on headcount.

What about when there’s updates or new things at Disney World?

We make annual revisions and updates to the guides usually 2x a year, but things are finally more stable at the parks after the past few years. Because of the nature of the information in the product, changes will typically affect less than 2% of the information in the Blueprints. Our other strategy-focused products, however, are updated if and when there are major changes at the parks.

As long as you're on our email list, we promise you won’t ever miss any juicy info before your trip!

Happy peeps:

Grab the Planning Blueprints at the discounted bundle price while we still offer it!

Most efficient ways to get around Disney? Check.

Best monorail bar crawl ideas? Check.

The can't miss snack stops around the World Showcase? Check.

...get all of this and HUNDREDS more expert secrets in the bundle!

♥ 14-day happiness guarantee

yes please - i want the pro tips!

value of blueprints sold separately =  $120

Bundled PRICE = $27