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Best Items for Aching Feet at Disney

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November 26, 2021

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We all know a Disney vacation involves lots of time on your feet. Between the miles you log by walking all over the place to time spent standing in lines (hopefully you’re using our strategies and this is pretty minimal!), your feet are taking a hit for several days. After all of the planning you’ve done for your trip, the last thing you want is to be brought down by a lousy blister. We’ve got you covered with some of our and our readers favorite products to help keep your feet from feeling like they want to fall off.

(Psst…if you are looking for shoe recommendations, head over to our other post here.)

Moleskin with Padding

Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Plus Padding

Why our readers love it: This moleskin comes with the padding roll, giving it extra cushion to comfort those areas that are prone to friction. A great way to prevent blisters from occuring in the first place. 

“If you get moleskin without padding, you might as well be putting sandpaper
on your blisters.” – Suzanne S.

Even with the best shoes, sometimes friction is inevitable and can make for an uncomfortable day of walking. Enter: moleskin. The great thing about this product is its inexpensive cost and the amount of moleskin that you get. It can last for a while depending on how much you need. You’ll need to cut the moleskin so bring a pair of scissors with you. Just make sure to do this before you head into the parks – and cut a few extra pieces to bring in your bag, just in case. We like this product because it lasts a lot longer than band-aids and provides more cushioning to add some extra comfort.

Bodyglide for Feet

Bodyglide Anti-Blister Balm

Why our readers love it: This is easy to apply before putting on your shoes. It’s small and fits well in your bag to take with you so you can reapply as needed.

“Saves your feet!!” – Chevelle B.   

Prevention is key to keeping your feet in tip-top shape which is why this one made our list. Probably the biggest perk to this product is its size. It’s super lightweight so it won’t take up much space and get in the way. If you know you are prone to blisters or usually get one in the same spot (for us it’s always our toes :/ ), you’ll want to consider this as prevention. This glide is also good if it rains (duh, Florida) or you get wet on Splash Mountain as it will help to lessen any friction caused by your shoes getting wet.

Cushioned Socks

Feetures High-Performance Socks

Why our readers love it: These socks are made of a soft material and cushioned for an extra layer of comfort. They help to keep your feet from tiring out the course of the day.

“This is a time to splurge on socks with plenty of support and cushion for days where one
may walk 10+ miles.” – Lorri W.

If you’re a tennis shoes over sandals type of person, good socks are essential. These socks definitely don’t come cheap, but when you’ll be on your feet for 12+ hours a day, you might want to spend the money on these. The extra cushioning is great at helping your feet from tiring out too quickly. These are designed to prevent blisters from occurring in the first place which is a huge plus. Just remember to bring a backup pair in case it rains!

Myofascial Release Balls

RAD Rounds

Why we love it: These are so simple and easy to use. You can apply as much or as little pressure as you want. There is a bit of a give to these which makes it easier on your feet.

After many, many trips one thing we have discovered that helps so much is using a myofascial release ball in the evening to work out all the kinks in your feet. We’ve tried using other things in the past such as tennis balls and golf balls, but found that we prefer these over everything else. They are firm, but have a soft feel with a bit of a give to them. This makes it easier on your feet. We like the different sizes as well to work different areas. We tend to do this sitting down at the end of the day while watching Mickey cartoons.

A bonus – if your shoulders are aching from your bag, wipe off the ball and use it on those as well.

Last bit of advice: do what we do when our feet are feeling trashed—hit the resort pool and order ya’self a pina colada!