The Best Restaurants in Disney Springs

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November 1, 2022

If you’ve followed our trips on Instagram, you know we love talking about food almost as much as we love eating the food. And the best place to do both of those things is at Disney Springs.

A great way to get away from the bustle of the parks and indulge in some of the best dining Disney property has to offer, Disney Springs boasts something around three dozen restaurants to choose from (and most of them will flat-out knock your socks off). 

So how do ya pick?! Here are a few of our favorites.


Photo of Momma's Mac & Cheese and Chicken Biscuits from Chef Art's Homecomin' in Disney Springs, Orlando, FL in Disney World

When we’re over theme park food and are craving the hearty, cheesy comfort of Southern down-home cooking, we go out of our way to come hang at the crowd-pleasing Disney Springs favorite, Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’.

The vibe here is pretty straightforward and no frills, but the food, inspired by Chef Art Smith’s Florida roots (hence the name), is something special. With lots of comforting and familiar options, this is hands down one of our top three dining picks at Disney Springs! 

Cuisine: Southern Comfort 

Insider Guide “Must Trys”: Momma’s Mac & Cheese (which, if you know us, duh), Art’s Famous Fried Chicken (signature dish), Shrimp & Grits, Cheddar Cheese Drop Biscuits, Hummingbird Cake.

The Boathouse

Front facing shot of Boathouse restaurant in Disney Springs with sunset in the background, crowd in the foreground.

Showcasing a fleet of watercrafts out back, this waterfront dining spot is quintessentially Florida down to the bright and breezy Keys-style color combo on a building that looks like…well, a boathouse. 

The food here ranges from the very laidback sandwich/burger/fried shrimp category to the pretty upscale steak and seafood variety, all served in a no-fuss and casual dining setting. 

Sit outside if it isn’t scorching and take in the views as other guests take the water taxis and amphicars out for a spin. The character here is so unmistakably “Florida,” it truly transports you. As far as atmosphere goes, this one is our favorite!

Cuisine: Steak & Seafood 

Insider Guide “Must-Trys”: Firecracker Shrimp, Hand-breaded Coconut Shrimp, Filet Mignon Sliders, Gulf of Mexico Red Grouper, Grilled Mahi Tacos, “Yacht Club” club sandwich.

Raglan Road

Burger from Raglan Road in Disney Springs

This wildly, worth-going-out-of-your-way-for underrated pub has live music, Irish dancing, and an energetically authentic Irish atmosphere (as authentic as it gets considering you’re in central Florida, anyway!). Indoor and outdoor seating options are available, but you’ll want to be in the main dining room for this one.

Traditional Irish classics plated in a modern style are both delicious and impressive. Combined with a decent beer and cider selection, we consider this spot to be a must-visit on your trip!

Cuisine: Irish

Insider Guide “Must Trys”: Fish & Chips, Braised Be Beef, Gnocchi, Boxty

Wine Bar George

Loaded wooden cheese board sitting on the bar with a plate of bread/crackers and a glass of red wine at Wine Bar George in Disney Springs.

Can we start by saying frozen Dole Whip mimosa, anyone? Hint: Your answer should be yes. 

Offering THE best wine list on property with refreshingly attainable prices and incredible food to pair it with, Wine Bar George is another one of our absolute favorites and we highly suggest making a stop here on your next trip!

The only downside is the menu isn’t huge, offering only a few main entrees among the apps and small plates. Our M.O. is usually to swing by for drinks and a cheese board (it’s our favorite on property) then we grab a main course somewhere else. 

Those wanting to take in the incredible wine selection and peruse the small plates, you can definitely do dinner here if you wanted! The food here is amazing.

Cuisine: Mediterranean-ish

Insider Guide “Must Trys”: Frozcatos (Dole Whip mimosa), Skirt Steak, Saganaki on Fire, Burrata, Cheese Board….are you noticing a pattern yet? We effing love cheese.

Morimoto Asia

Taken from the second level of Morimoto at Disney Springs, photo showcases the famous 20-foot-long chandeliers as well as a catwalk with glass walls overlooking the first floor dining room.

Unless you’re toting some pretty adventurous or swanky kids with you, this sleek spot has more of a Vegas or nightclubby vibe that we feel caters more to the adult crowd with lots of amazing, upscale cuisine and fabulous cocktail options. Perfect for a date night.

Adventurous palates will be at home with interesting sushi selections and other exciting entrees like the Peking Duck or Buri Bop. Those among us who aren’t as willing to go “Into the Unknown” (IKYK) will find the menu also offers fresh takes on familiar finds like Orange Chicken or Beef Lo Mein. 

For a more casual experience, consider sampling the cocktail list and having a lighter dinner of sushi or apps at one of the bars.

Cuisine: Pan-Asian

Insider Guide “Must Trys”: Peking Duck (served for two!), Crispy Popcorn Shrimp Tempura, Morimoto Spare Ribs, Buri-Bop (signature dish – must try!)

Honorable Mentions

The Edison

Restaurant meets entertainment venue, the set-up here is a little odd and the limited menu doesn’t make this one a favorite. That being said, the atmosphere is certainly unique and probably better suited to the 21+ crowd looking to pair a late-night nibble and a drink with some light entertainment. It’s fun if it’s what you’re in the mood for. That mood is just not typically most Disney-goers mood.

Worth a Try: The Gooey Grilled Cheese is probably one of the best-grilled cheese sandwiches we have ever had in our lives (and if you haven’t figured it out by now, we are cheese connoisseurs).


Entrance to Jaleo at Disney Springs

We’re big fans of Chef Jose Andres, and we also happen to think he’s an incredible human being. We want to love this place, but some of the dishes we tried were just “alright.” Part of the problem may have been our timing. We visited right after the parks reopened during COVID, and it was a bit of a chaotic night there.

The restaurant itself is beautiful with high ceilings and vibrant colors, plus the lighting gives it a real nice ambiance. We’d like to give it another shot, if only because the space quickly became one of our favorites in Disney Springs.

City Works

Buffalo chicken dip and beer flight from City Works at Disney Springs in Orlando.

Tucked at the far end of Disney Springs, this giant sports bar isn’t anything wildly exciting. Since the food and the overall atmosphere are something we could easily find at home, it doesn’t make the favorites list. 

BUT…the menu is huge, appealing, and actually really good. You can find something for just about anybody. An added bonus is that you can almost always walk up and be seated with a short wait or no wait at all. When’s the last time you heard that at Disney?

Worth a Try: Buffalo Chicken Dip, Filet Mignon Sliders (served on pretzel buns).

What About Reservations?

Typically to eat anywhere at Disney, you need to make a reservation well in advance. The same can be true for popular spots at Disney Springs, but they are generally a little easier to come by than other Disney dining.

If you’re having trouble finding times on My Disney Experience, our number one recommendation is to be sure to check OpenTable! They will oftentimes show spots that wouldn’t otherwise show up on MDE.

You could also be like us and streamline your stalking on MDE by using our 26/8 Method. Believe it or not, there’s a trick to snagging last-minute reservations and we’ve had lots of luck grabbing notoriously difficult-to-get restaurants using this strategy! 

Bonus Tip: Many restaurants at Disney Springs have walk-up lists for day-of dining, so head straight there once you arrive! For adults and small parties, remember to take advantage of seating at bars and lounges.

Now you know our Disney Springs favorites. You’ll probably catch us at any one of these spots (or all of them because, you know, “research”). May you find the cheesiest foods, the finest wines, and the most delicious cocktails. Eat up, friends! 

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