A plate full of desserts from a Magic Kingdom Dessert Party at Walt Disney World.

Are Disney’s Dessert Parties Worth It or Not?

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February 15, 2024

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, chances are you’ve stumbled across the term “dessert party” more than once. One of Disney’s most popular park ticket add-ons, dessert parties offer you a unique opportunity to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from a designated viewing area accompanied by drinks and…wait for it…desserts!

But, like anything costing you extra money on top of an already expensive vacation, we have to stop to ask: is the price worth the experience?

You’ve seen us explore the actual value of many Disney extras like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and whether or not adding Park Hopper to your ticket is worth it.

We’ve got our opinions on dessert parties, too, but it’s first worth discussing each party package and their key differences.

Dessert Parties Explained

Following roughly the same template, each party offers a selection of desserts and a handful of savory snacks. Each party also includes alcoholic options for those interested (and after a long day at the parks, you know we are game for some draft Blue Moons or Sauvy B).

There are currently four experiences offered:

  • Pre-Party: Desserts at the Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant followed by fireworks viewing from a designated standing-only area in the Plaza Garden.

  • Post-Party: You will start by viewing fireworks from the same standing area as the Pre-Party, then enjoy desserts after the fireworks.

  • Seats & Sweets: Following the same set-up as the Pre-Party, you’ll get desserts before the show and then get your own designated seated area of Tomorrowland Terrace to watch the fireworks. You’re essentially paying extra for a table & chairs vs. standing in the garden.

    Note: This is the only dessert party package with guaranteed seating.

  • Ferrytale Fireworks*: This option has you sipping and snacking from a ferryboat on the Seven Seas Lagoon until the fireworks begin, at which point you’ll have a view of the show from the deck’s railing.

    Note: This is the only dessert party not requiring valid theme park admission.

*At the time of publishing in early 2024, Ferrytale Fireworks is not currently available for booking. The hiatus seems temporary, so we’ll discuss it anyway and keep an eye out in the meantime for when this party is back up and running.

Dessert Party Pros & Cons

We aren’t Dessert Party haters by any means, and we’ve enjoyed one or two under the right circumstances. But we have our concerns when it comes down to what you’re paying versus what you’re getting.

Party Pros

  • Good for big groups, groups with younger kids, or anyone who could use some downtime—it’s nice to sit down and chill!

  • Great for celebrations or those who enjoy an all-inclusive feel.

  • Alcoholic and kid-friendly options are available.

  • Even if it’s expensive, it’s a fun experience.

Party Cons

  • The price per ticket is extremely high, and most parties require a valid theme park admission in addition to the party price.

  • In the case of the Post-Party, you lose valuable park time and nighttime experiences after the fireworks when waits for rides are shorter.

  • It can take away from prime dining hours.

  • The food isn’t anything exciting. We’d rather spend the money on a nice sit-down meal.

Another note on here is that people can lack perspective when it comes to just throwing down money for all these add-ons. In this case, you could actually have a three-course prix fixe dinner (including that dessert) for the same price at California Grill – one of the nicest restaurants in all of Disney – that also offers fireworks viewing and the sound piped in. 

Or another night’s stay at a Deluxe Disney resort. 

Or convenient, private transportation to and from the airport. 

We’re personally picking one of those options over the dessert party.

Which one do we pick?

This is the question everyone asks, and the answer is…it depends.

Hot Take: What to Skip

First off, we say skip the Ferrytale Fireworks option. It puts you outside of the park, and you’re further away from the fireworks. It’s also the priciest party offered, and the price doesn’t make sense to us for what you’re losing out on: valuable time inside the park.

We could see it maybe working out on the evening of a break day in your itinerary. However, you’re still ultimately paying more per person for dessert on a boat than springing on a nice dinner reservation somewhere on property.

Second, we’d think carefully before opting for the Post-Party option. We don’t recommend this option for those looking to capitalize on park time since the party’s timing means you’ll lose valuable time after the fireworks.

However, if you aren’t much of a night owl, have young kids in tow, aren’t looking to hit rides after the fireworks, or have had a full day and just want to chill after the show, the Post-Party is an excellent option to take a load off. It’s an option that really allows you to stop and take in the magic and ambiance of the park.

Our Party Picks

We prefer the Pre-Party or Seats & Sweets for those guaranteed seats during the show if you have a bigger budget. Both options allow you to enjoy a full park day before and take advantage of the lower crowds after the fireworks.

Pro Tip: Don’t make the mistake of scheduling a dinner reservation on the same night as your Dessert Party! The timing is nearly impossible to manage, and you’ll probably be too full from dinner to enjoy the desserts (TRUST US HERE).

While you can’t make a meal from the party offerings alone, our M.O. is to split a light meal or have a heavier snack beforehand, then load up during the party to replace a full sit-down dinner. A late-night dinner after the party is always an option, too!

Then, once the party is over, we can hit more rides when fewer people are in the park, and wait times tend to drop (is it just us, or are Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion more intense when it’s dark outside, too?).

So… are Dessert Parties worth it?

They seem like a great package on paper: delicious desserts and drinks with designated fireworks viewing. 

But, overall, no, we don’t think so.

There are certainly more exciting desserts and snacks to be had elsewhere around the parks, and while the viewing area is nice, it’s not that much better than the ones you could stake out yourself just a little in advance. 

But for us, it ultimately comes down to value. If it weren’t for the price starting at ~$100 per adult, we’d probably recommend it more enthusiastically. 

Important Note: We like to provide honest feedback to help you make the best decision for you and your trip. As always, consider your group’s preferences and budget when planning for extras like these. The beauty of having so many options is that you can truly make Disney your own. There is no wrong answer!

You could add all kinds of things to your Disney World vacation to make it feel more magical, but you don’t have to be bougie to enjoy Disney! Make your time worth it with a solid strategy, smart itineraries, and exclusive insider tips (like the ones in The Complete WDW Parks Strategy Playbook) so you can focus on the little moments that make it magical instead.