Don’t spend your entire (expensive) vacation waiting in line

Because let’s be real: Taking a Disney vacation looks a lot different than it used to. But that doesn’t mean you can’t plan (or re-plan) your best vacation ever.

The Complete Parks Strategy Playbook to Walt Disney World has every tool you need to craft your perfect park plan, skip the lines, and revel in your most magical Walt Disney World vacation ever!

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"Best money we spent for our trip!"

“Wow... planning a trip to Walt Disney World is a LOT more complicated than I thought!”

It’s something you find yourself thinking at least once a day. Why did no one warn you that taking your kids to see a talking mouse and a pretty castle would feel like so much work?

Instead, everyone keeps telling you that going on a Disney vacation will be “fun” and “totally magical.”

“You’ll get to experience awesome rides, fireworks, princesses, and five-star food. Plus, you’ll make special memories that will last a lifetime!” they say.

But they aren’t the ones sitting at the computer at 3:00 AM with 14 tabs open, trying to research the best WDW resorts while setting up calendar alerts for 7:00 AM at 30, 60, and 90 days before your arrival in Orlando, are they?

Let’s face it: planning a vacation to Walt Disney World is COMPLEX, and that’s true whether you’re a first-time Disney-goer or you’re trying to wrap your head around everything that’s changed lately.

(Yup, even if you were a total Disney pro just a few years ago, almost everything has changed.)


“So there is…Early Entry…Rope Drop…Genie… Genie+…Lightning Lanes…GAHHH! What do I need to actually KNOW with all of this stuff?“

“When am I supposed to make dining reservations? What if I try and still can’t get into the restaurants my kids are most excited about?“

“Um, virtual queues? How do they work, and how do we make sure we get to ride the rides we want?“

And the million-dollar question:

How do we fit it all in while doing it right and staying out of long lines?

(spoiler alert: data-driven, expert strategy)

And you absolutely can:

Arrive at the parks feeling excited, relaxed, and prepared

Ride everything on your wishlist — yes, even Rise of the Resistance, Slinky Dog Dash, and Flight of Passage — with the shortest wait times possible

Actually max out your time at the parks and go back to your resort at night feeling that “happy tired”, not defeated and wondering why you decided to come in the first place

Spend your vacation actually enjoying Disney World instead of alternating between staring at a map, checking the time, and trying to get your kids to walk just a little faster

Have a ton of fun and feel like you definitely got your money’s worth by the end of your trip (instead of spending the whole time feeling rushed, stressed, and like you might as well just set your bank account on fire)

Basically, you want to do ALL THE FUN DISNEY THINGS, and you want everyone to have a great time.

We totally get it.

If you're thinking...




"Well, that all sounds amazing, but it's also totally impossible, soo..."

Then we're here to tell you three things:

It IS possible – you just need the right tools, strategy, and expert advice.

If you’re reading this, you’re WAY ahead of everyone else.

You’re in exactly the right place.

clients are raving

Ali! I am blown away with the content you've provided in the Parks Playbook. Our WDW trip isn’t for six more months, however I have loved reading through the content already. Thank you for your hard work and I'm looking forward to learning more!

I am blown away with the content in the Parks Playbook!

– Sara H.

Say hello to...

The Complete Parks Strategy Playbook to Walt Disney World

All the strategy you need – Park Flowcharts, Play Cards, and Itineraries - to avoid long lines, figure out htf to get around, beat the crowds, and max out your time in the parks (vs. meltdowns, wasting time, and all other way-too-common scenarios).

Perfectly organized, all in one place… and if you’re short on time, just download or print and bring to the parks with you 😎

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What people are saying about
our strategies:

Ali Wigle is the founder of Wish Upon a Planner and brains behind everything Disney strategy (and usually eating or longing for chips & queso with a salty margarita).

Each year, her strategies help more than 20,000+ people skip long lines, get the most value for their dollars spent, and experience the Walt Disney World vacations of their dreams (and don’t worry – that’s still just .0002% of annual visitors!).

Her specialty? Using her love of numbers and data to analyze crowd patterns, wait times, and pricing trends to show her community members how to plan more efficient, stress-free Disney visits.

Tried and Tested Disney Expertise  You Can (Literally) Count On

An instant best-selling FastPass guide and an exit from her former nursing career quickly turned a side hustle into a a small company.

Each year, her strategies help more than 20,000+ people skip long lines, make the most of their time at the parks, and experience the Walt Disney World vacations of their dreams.

When she’s not overwhelming herself with her latest spreadsheet project, you can find Ali listening to jazz, browsing real estate she can’t afford, and/or eating pizza and cake – all while under a fuzzy blanket. 

Back in 2017, when Ali Wigle – an INFJ, margarita enthusiast (with salt), and chips & queso devotee – was planning an exit from her nursing career, she noticed a big old hole in the Disney content world.

While there was SO MUCH WDW-related info out there, a lot of it was fluffy and cheesy, too vague or too complex, not based on what an actual visitor would experience (hello, influencer + media events), or just plain clickbait (ew).

Play Cards & Genie+ Itinerary Bundle

Here’s where you’ll find our proven strategies for approaching attractions and touring in the right order so that you’re either walking on or spending no more than 15 minutes waiting in line whenever possible.

All of the plans and itineraries in this module are optimized for the shortest wait times and then further tweaked to minimize excessive backtracking… because who wants to walk an extra 5 miles a day in the Florida heat and/or rain if you don’t have to?

  • Play Cards to help you get around all 4 parks painlessly and efficiently while still allowing plenty of room for flexibility!
  • Genie+ Itineraries: Data-backed, tested, and proven itineraries to help you decide in which order to select specific attractions

A total of ELEVEN Play Cards + Itineraries for all four parks (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom) are included so you can choose the best plan for your fam!

“We were able to get the most out of our experience because we used all your tips and the Play Cards! They really (really!!!) worked!”

A not-so-fun fact: on any given day, a huge percentage of Disney-goers will spend most of their waking hours waiting in line – yes, even the WDW pros, super planners, and rope-droppers! Womp womp.

How is that possible? Well, a lot of it comes down to the timing, order, and overall strategy you use to approach each day. 

That’s why, with our strategies, you’ll find everything you need to reduce your wait times as much as possible. 

Here’s everything you’ll find inside Parks Strategy Playbook to Walt Disney World: 

- Jamie L.

Ready to experience each WDW park with your own data-backed, smart-yet-flexible touring plan!?

*These flowcharts are prettttty much the unanimous reader favorite year after year!

Park Flowcharts*

If you’re dizzy trying to figure out how to start your day at any of the four parks, you’re not alone.

With the point of a finger and just a minute or two, the Park Flowcharts tell you exactly what do each park day to be ahead of 98% of the other park guests and keep your waits at 15 minutes or less.

"These flowcharts are purely genius."

- meagan D.

Early Entry! Rope Drop! Lightning Lane! Genie! Virtual Queues! 

Primers for All Four WDW Parks: Whether you’re riding standby or going the Genie+ route, these primers provide strategies for everything you’ll need, including tips and strategies for early entry, end of the night, experiencing the hottest attractions, when to avoid certain areas, and how to strategically plan out your rides and days.

  • Magic Kingdom
  • Epcot
  • Hollywood Studios
  • Animal Kingdom

Park Primers

“This has been great because I can use the strategy but apply it to my specific situation! So I feel empowered with knowledge but not like I’m following a checklist.”

- Melissa L.

Along with all of your downloads and digital assets, the Park Primers are easy-to-digest sections on exactly how to approach your park days. 

Attraction Primers

While you’re probably going to get to do everything your magical heart desires with our strategies, knowing the top attractions and what to potentially “pasadena” on (as my mom says…) can be helpful in planning out your days and managing expectations

"Your Disney recs are now the only ones I trust!"


These handy cheatsheets will help you in triaging your priorities properly!

Did someone say BONUS?

Plug and Play Park Planner

We’re also throwing in this free, limited-time bonus to make your planning and touring even more magical:

Once you decide on your vacation dates, the next big question is usually, “Now, which days should we go to which parks?” Well, we made it super easy! Just enter your desired parks on your desired day of the week and this nifty spreadsheet calculator will tell you if your combo is awesome, hit or miss, or to be avoided if possible. That way, you can come away with your park days scheduled in the most optimal order! (Note: this is not a crowd calendar – it should only be used once you’ve selected your dates).

Yeah, we got a juicy bonus!

clients are raving

Our trip has been from 6/19-6/26. I’m at WDW doing this survey, actually. Our trip has been epic and super efficient and we have loved it! We are a family of 4: Mom, Dad, 2 girls (ages 8 and 4). Park hopper, LL, the Genie+ Tips and tricks, 26/8, EE, rope drop, staying late, your foodie suggestions for snacks and restaurants, it ALL worked for us, so thank you, Ali. You’re my new best friend.

Our trip has been epic!

– shelley, VT

I want to thank you for all the Genie+ tips. We took advantage of early entry and with the tips, we rarely waited in line. We rode Expedition Everest three times in a row with no line. We never followed the crowd but we stuck to your tips and it worked. Thank you for all your work!! 😊

We never waited in line!

– Mellisa M.T., Texas

Since being a customer, I’ve taken the time to really strategize ahead of our WDW trips in order to maximize our vacations and get the most for our money. I felt like I was prepared for any scenario, which is awesome b/c you don't always know if the fam is going to be up at dawn ready to rope drop or needs a day to sleep in. Either way, I felt prepared to still get a lot out of our day!

We maximize our vacations!

– Christina B., Ohio

We were able to get many sold out rides with your strategies. I think my family would hate our trips if I didn’t have them planned out and strategized with what I’ve learned through you. It would take our favorite family time of the year to possibly the worst if they went on a trip only to stand in lines. They never stand in lines because of my planning. The only lines we stand in are bus lines.

We went on sold-out rides!

– Erin C., Tennessee

Whoa, that’s a lot of good stuff!

Yuppp, it sure is. And it’s usually sold separately:
  • Play Cards & Genie+ Itinerary Bundle ($17)
  • Park Flowcharts ($12)
  • Park Primers ($27)
  • Attraction Primers ($5)
  • Plug & Play Park Planner ($9)
Total sold separately = $70

Today’s Bundled Price = $24.99

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Our “How Far  You’ll Go” 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to crush your vacation – that’s the magic of what we do!

Our goal: to offer you tools that make it easy and convenient to experience all of the attractions and more at Walt Disney World with minimal wait times, and feel like your friend in planning.

Whether you’re an absolute newbie or a Disney regular, we think you’ll be pretty doggone delighted and walk away feeling like an expert that now will have quite the advantage when you step foot into the parks (say hi to the Castle for us!).

We want you to be able to try out the Park Strategies for yourself and be excited about all of the goodness inside! Our #1 priority here is your happiness, which means we stand by all of our planning products 100%. 

If for any reason you’re not totally satisfied with your downloads and the quality of information, just email us and we’ll happily issue you a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Results our customers are getting using our Parks Playbook:

The Parks Strategy Playbook to Walt Disney World is perfect for you if:

You’re a first-time visitor, it’s been a while since your last trip, or you haven’t been back “home” since Walt Disney World reopened

You appreciate a good plan & organization (if you love paper products and good design, boy are you gonna be gawrsh-darn delighted!)

You want a go-to expert resource to help guide you through all the new info and strategies you’re going to need—after COVID so rudely changed everything

You’ve ever waited in line for most rides more than 15 minutes (or you think that waiting is just what Disney IS)

You’re overwhelmed by the intense planning process and all of the constant changes 😅

♥ 30-day happiness guarantee

You’re worried about not having time to check off everything on your must-do list at Disney World

You’re already a Disney pro, but you love learning new things and discovering fresh strategies to make your trips even better

You understand opportunity cost (aka you like to get the most out of every minute and every dollar spent)

You’re so completely over having 11 browser tabs open trying to find one specific detail, but everything is outdated, vague, and has 13 obnoxious ads for every line of text on the page

You’re ready for a Disney vacation that’s fun, relaxed, efficient, and a great value

yes i want instant access!



scroll down to see the answers

What if something changes between when I buy and my vacation?

When Disney makes any changes that could affect best strategies (touring the parks, making dining reservations, the new Genie system, and paid features), we update the materials. You will be able to access your downloads for up to a year, and you’ll get any and all updates we make during that time. We got you! You’ll get our free weekly Listletter®, too, which is like a mini-briefing of news and changes at the parks you’ll receive via e-mail. Basically – you’re covered, no matter what!

HOLD UP – No more than 20 minutes waiting in line? This sounds too good to be true!

Sounds too good to be true, but it’s totally not! The majority of people heading to the Disney parks don’t do much – if any – prior research (tbh, you’d be shocked). That means they don’t have a plan… like, at all. And for the small number of people who DO legitimately plan, they almost never do it based on data-driven, numbers-based research. 

Our plans and touring hacks are frequently tested and optimized based on algorithms and numbers, and then they’re condensed into easy-to-understand mediums and terminology for you. Our standby plans can help you avoid having to wait more than 15 minutes max (on average) for each attraction. And if you’re using Genie+, our itineraries will show you how to max it out and get your money’s worth!

I’m only going to WDW for one day. Is it still worth getting the bundle?

That’s totally up to you! Time is money at Disney (really), and our downloads and strategies will help you make the most of out every moment (which, tbh, might be even more precious and important if you only have a single day to enjoy the park(s)!).

If you're going to purchase and use Genie+ though (which I suggest if you just have one day): buy the Genie+ Mastery Mini-Course and focus on that as your strategy first. This Playbook should be 2nd priority!

It's supposed to be busy when I'm going. Will this work during holidays or peak times?

Please do NOT go to those parks during a school or Federal holiday WITHOUT a plan and ride strategy!

While the major holidays can definitely see larger crowds, our strategies and tips will always put you ahead of people without them – regardless of how busy it may be on your trip.

A member of my party will be using DAS (Disability Assistance Service). Will the strategies in the downloads still work for us?

Yup! The strategies in here will work for anyone, even if you have unique circumstances or special considerations. 

I’m staying off-property, so I won’t have Early Entry or Extended Evening Hours. Will I still be able to use the info? 

You will! Strategy isn’t limited to groups that are staying on Disney property. Whether you’re staying on- or off-property, we’ll show you the way to beat the crowds and skip the lines as much as possible.

I’ve already planned a little—or our trip is kinda soon. Can this still help?

YES! The strategies work for anyone heading to the parks, regardless of how prepared (or underprepared!) you might be. Even if you’ve already planned your trip out to a tee, you’ll still find plenty of value in the strategy playbook. 

I’ve been to Disney World, like, a gazillion times. I’m a planning perfectionista, Florida resident, Annual Passholder, Disney Vacation Club member, or all of the above. Will this teach me anything new?

Why yes, we think it will! While beginner-to-intermediate Dis-goers will get the absolute most out of our stuff, seasoned Disney pros love it, too! 

And, if you’re not completely satisfied, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. With 20,000+ annual readers and a 98% satisfaction rate, we think the chances of you learning something valuable are pretty dang good.

What happens once I purchase?

All content is on our private, members-only website. Once you complete your purchase, you’ll receive instructions on how to create your account and get started immediately! Then you can dive in, download, save, print—whatever you’d like!

Do these strategies work for Disneyland in California?

Nope, sorry! This is currently only good for the Walt Disney World parks including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

We do a lot of Disneyland travel too and may release something eventually. You won’t miss anything if you’re subscribed to our emails!

Can’t I find a lot of this information for free on Google?

The truth is, you can find a lot of Disney information on the internet. But not all if it is current. Not all of it is good. And there’s the part where you can’t Google questions you don’t even know to ask.

And while there’s a ton of fun Disney content out there, it’s largely subjective and based on fandom. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – but it’s the data and numbers that matter when it comes time to saving you time and money.

Finally, if you’re looking for Disney info in the Google wilderness, you might have to piece together dozens of individual bits of information. Part of the charm of the Parks Strategy Playbook is that it’s all perfectly organized in one awesome place. It’ll pay for itself in both time and money saved before you even set foot on Disney property.

Won’t these strategies stop working if everyone starts using them?

That’s a great question! The key word here is “everyone.” Walt Disney World gets an average of 60+ million visitors to all four parks each year. In comparison, our community is much smaller and more intimate. If 20,000 people buy our strategies each year, that’s only 0.003% of total visitors. As you can see, the actual number of people using these strategies is pretty tiny!

Whether you’re a serious planner or you prefer to be more spontaneous, the Parks Strategy Playbook has nonstop tips, hacks, and touring plans to fit your style.


♥ 30-day happiness guarantee

clients are raving

All the Wish Upon a Planner products helped me have a wonderful vacation that exceeded expectations.

Your products are more than worth the cost!

– Jill, Michigan

Your products have changed the amount of time spent in lines. To know the order to do rides and how to truly use Genie + is invaluable.

These products are total game-changers!

– Sarah J., Indiana

Thank you so much for all the work you have put into all of the resources, especially the Planning Blueprints. I am definitely the type to enjoy the prep and anticipation of the trip as much as the trip itself and your products make it even more fun!

Our trip prep is so much more fun now!

– Caroline J., Georgia

My whole strategy to Disney changed after finding you, I am less stressed when I get to Disney.

My Disney strategy changed for the better!

– Stacy F., Alabama