How To Master Disney World in 2020-2021 (and still beat the lines)

 The Insider’s Guide has everything you need to design your most efficient vacation plans ever — even with all the crazy new changes!

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The Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) 

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***Now including continued updates on Disney’s “enhanced health and safety measures” in response to COVID-19***

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we ALL know planning Disney is no joke, especially in these weird times.

No more FastPass? How do I get last minute dining reservations?

What is the best order to queue up in this new system to still hit as many attractions as possible? Lines are increasing again 🤨

Wait, things changed AGAIN?!

WTH are the absolute best restaurants and snacks with all the closed restaurants?

You still desperately want to take that postponed Disney trip – but you’re confused or not sure if it’s worth it.

#1  Dining, FastPass, Resort and other reservations are limited and confusing.


#2  You don’t know the best strategy for the new queuing system in order to hit the maximum number of attractions.


#3  Things just keep changing. You need a one-stop resource you can go to for the latest and greatest strategies and to get your questions answered and still have the most efficient and expert trip ever.

so planning a Disney World trip is still a little stressful.

guess what?

we got you covered.

we’re giving access to all of our original content PLUS new, juicy goods such as:

→  Exactly how to hit those new queues – and still hit as many attractions as possible

→  How to still get on rides like Slinky Dog Dash, Flight of Passage, and Space Mountain with the shortest waits

→  Make the best secret room requests – the exact email template to use, what to request, and where/when to send

→  The tastiest meals and snacks you won’t need a reservation for

→  ALL the latest strategy, with continuous updates through 2020 and 2021, of course!

I’ll still need super strategy now that FastPass is suspended and so many freaking things are changing?



It will be important to understand the new strategies: think how-tos and the best order for the new queuing system, touring plans that allow you to get the most Disney for your money, and honest reviews about what to see and what to skip during this time. 

Maybe you’re traveling with the kiddos and… 

Your daughter has her heart set on eating The Grey Stuff in the West Wing at Be Our Guest, and your son has been dreaming of riding on the back of a Banshee in Avatar Flight of Passage for months

You, on the other hand, have your own grown-up must-dos… like still needing to ride Soarin’ at least twice and dine at the perfect outdoor spot: the terrace at The Rose & Crown British Pub.

Or maybe your party is adults only, and…

Your thrill-seeker BFF can’t miss Expedition Everest, Space Mountain, or drinking around the World Showcase at Epcot. Your in-laws are fully committed to revisiting The Hall of Presidents, It’s a Small World, and Country Bears Jamboree… multiple times.

The top two spots on your partner’s list? Fly to a galaxy far, far away on the new Star Wars rides, and get a mega Wookiee hug from Chewie.

And obviously you aren’t leaving without riding your very own doom buggy through the Haunted Mansion or getting a grapefruit beer.

Everyone has a super-important wish list of extra-special things they absolutely have to do — no matter what the latest circumstances look like.

Any of these still sound familiar?

→  Feeling anxious and frustrated before you even leave for vacation because you weren’t able to get the dining reservations your group wanted most

→  Being confused on how to best strategize your park itinerary 

→  Waking up before sunrise to get to each park before rope drop

→  Missing out on some wished-for experiences because the new queuing system was long or full

→  Not being able to experience beloved attractions more than once because, again, weirdness

→  Being completely wiped out by noon because you’ve already crossed the park 8 times sprinting from ride to ride

→  Unsuccessfully trying to make a change to your plans via the My Disney Experience app while in the parks because Disney updated the app AGAIN and now you can’t find what you need

→  Your kid (or your spouse, or maybe even you) having a meltdown. Ahhh, waiting in line for 2 hours in 90-degree weather in your mask sure does bring out the best in people!

→  Eating only chicken nuggets because you don’t know where those secret gem meals and snacks are (that don’t need a reservation!)

→  Coming home from vacation wishing you would have waited

Whew — this whole thing has gone from relaxing getaway to grueling endeavor, and you haven’t even left the house yet.

Even planning Disney post-COVID, there’s truly an incredible amount of news and information to juggle.

The fun doesn’t stop there, either. Once you touch down in Orlando, you get to add hot weather and  crowds too.

but your vacation doesn’t have to be stressful, complicated, or confusing.

That’s exactly why we created (and continuously update) the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!)

Line Hacks product mockup

It’s Time to Recreate your plans.

What if you still could…

→ Ride everything on your wishlist — yes, even Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain, Peter Pan, Slinky Dog Dash, and Flight of Passage — without ever waiting more than 10-20 minutes per attraction

→  Spend more time actually experiencing Disney World than standing in line

→  Minimize the stress that often comes with planning and touring

→  Enjoy your favorite attractions more than once per trip (heck, even more than once per day!)

→  Still know when the wait times will drop for in-demand attractions like Frozen Ever After, Slinky Dog Dash, and yes, even Flight of Passage (see ya, 190 minute standby line!)

→  Know exactly how to get any dining reservations that open up last-minute

→ Be the snack savior in your group, knowing the best meals and snacks that don’t require a reservation

→  Say goodbye to feeling rushed

→  Relish these once-in-a-lifetime moments with your family and friends

→  Still have time to sit back, relax, and take in all the magic Disney has to offer

→  Feel like you definitely got your money’s worth by the end of your trip, regardless of circumstances

→  Come home feeling refreshed, happy, and overflowing with gratitude

→  Actually have fun

Yup, you read that right — the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW now includes access to our popular and beloved Line Hacks™ program… and so much more!

If you’re thinking, “this sounds too good to be true,” it’s ok — we get that a lot. 😉

The Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW isn’t your ordinary informational guide.

It’s a science-backed, data-driven, fluff-free program full of proven strategies, tech tips, and little-known tricks.

Even better? These strategies are constantly tested, reassessed, and revised.

ali wigle

Hey! I’m Ali, the founder of Wish Upon a Planner and creator of Line Hacks™ and the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks!).

A few years ago, I noticed something: while there’s a lot of Disney information online, it’s often 

  • not very in-depth
  • not focused on how to be strategical (with very specific examples to help you)
  • outdated, inefficient, or just plain wrong
  • presented in a way that’s confusing

And instead of feeling excited about the planning process and then having amazing days at Disney World, people were anxious, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

So, armed with 15 years worth of spreadsheets and crowd + line pattern research (proud numbers nerd here!), I decided to do something about it.

✨ And now? ✨

We’re your go-to for the new Dystopic Disney! We’ll be at the parks and will continue to update the Guide modules as needed.

Things like “Best Reopening New Queuing Practices” (our spreadsheets have been waiting for this!), and bonuses like “Room Requests” so that you have the most baller room without paying the upgrade price.

Even though there are constant changes happening at Disney World – you don’t just have to wing it and hope for the best – we’re here for you!

Our approach is a little different. First, we develop strategies based on actual data. From there, we present that information in the clearest, most useful format for that particular item — whether it be text, flowchart, or video tutorial.

We gather and test the information featured in the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW by visiting Walt Disney World (on our own dime) frequently.

What does that mean for you?

⭐  Our information comes from experiencing the parks as tourists (just like you!) — not through attending carefully curated media events

⭐  You always get the most up-to-date information. Disney World is a place of constant change with openings, closings, and refurbishments, so we’re always testing and re-evaluating everything

One more thing: you won’t find any unnecessary filler or fluff in here. We’re here to show you the best strategies for having a successful vacation (you know, the kind where you’re still on speaking terms with your travel group once you get back), and that doesn’t include bombarding you with 32 articles about the newest shirt color available in the parks.

Yes, we love Disney… but we also love being efficient consumers, and you can always count on our team to give it to you straight. No bias. No nonsense.

The Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide

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1. New Reopening Queuing Pro Modules
(Value $29)


2. Signature “Line Hacks” Program
(Value $99)


3. Park Plan Designer Modules & Itineraries
(Value $39)

4. Snacks Superstar Modules & Lists
(Value $11)


5. Dining Hacks Program
(Value $39)


6. Dining Plan Optimizer
(Value $19)

7. BONUS! Request Your Best Resort Room Module
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8. BONUS! “BEST OF” Disney Lists Master File
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Total Value = $383

Today’s Price = $24.99

What’s included with the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!)?

new! For the reopening:

“New Reopening Queuing Champion” Module: here, we’ll show you the most effective ways to navigate the new post-COVID queuing systems.

While crowds are low, there are still 30-60 minute waits, and you need a strategy. Please, don’t wait in 20-30 minute queues all day when you could be walking on if you do them in the proper order! 😉

We’ll show you exactly how to plan your day at all four parks – to still minimize your waits and walk on as many attractions as possible. 

There will be new reopening queue plans for park opening arrivals and late arrivals (we can’t all be up at 7am!).

We even include “If this, then that” statements – easy to follow, open-loop feedback plans to use in realtime based on the crowd level for your day.

We’ll also show you what NOT to do – you need to queue at the proper time ranges for headliners like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Slinky Dog Dash.

**Even better? The new queue modules will continue to be updated as needed while the parks and crowds change frequently through 2020-2021**

Signature “Line Hacks” Program: video tutorials and insider tips on how to master Disney’s FastPass system and use it effectively to beat the lines. We’ll cover:

✔️  Must-Know Hacks & Tricks

✔️  Headliner and Difficult FastPasses

✔️  FastPass Basics

✔️  How to get any FastPass Day Of (even if you missed it)

✔️  Booking FastPass – Advanced

✔️  Modifying FastPass – Advanced

✔️  FAQs and Extras

“Park Plan Designer” Modules: we teach you everything you need to know to create a smart yet flexible touring plan for each Walt Disney World theme park: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Lots of juicy PDFs in here, including:

✔️  Flowcharts for How to Tackle the Headliners (they’re pretty amazing!)

✔️  Statistically-backed “Most Efficient” Itineraries

✔️  FastPass Difficulty and Reference Sheet for all parks, all times of day

✔️  When to Get What FastPasseses

✔️  Extra Magic Hours Strategy Guides

Dining Hacks: we’ll teach you simple but clever insights that 90% of people overlook – on how to make the most of your meals at Disney and score ANY reservation.

✔️  How to Score Any Dining Reservation that you may not have gotten (yes, even at the elusive Cinderella’s Royal Table!)

✔️  All About ADRs (Advance Dining Reservations) and how to triage booking so you get everything ya want! 

“Dining Plan Optimizer” Module: we teach you how to milk every dining plan credit so you save hundreds and avoid the common mistake of losing money!

✔️  Every Table Service Restaurants in Each Park and Resort – ranked for credit use- “poor”, “okay”, “good”, and “excellent” categories

✔️  Dining Credits Overview

✔️  Service Style Overview

“Snacks Superstar” Module – we’ll show you everything you might have missed snack-wise. You’ll be the snack hero in your group!

✔️  Snack Checklists for Each Park

✔️  Top-rated Snacks Checklist

✔️  DIY Snack Checklist (so you don’t get home to Ohio and realize you forgot to snag a carrot cake cookie!)

“Plan it Perfect” Module: for us planning nerds – all the tools to ignite your inner super planner and stay organized, once and for all!

✔️  Digital & Printable Lists

✔️  Trello Planning Board “Design Your Plans” Template

✔️  Daily Planning Worksheets

BONUS “Request Your Best Resort Room Ever”: we’ll show you exactly how, what, and when to request the perfect room. For every resort we show you the best and hidden room requests to make (free upgrade, anyone?). We also supply you with a proven email template to use, and exactly when to send it. 

best of disney lists

BONUS “Best of” Disney Lists Master File: all of our expert recommendations for so many categories, in easy and fun to read list form. Because who doesn’t love a good list?

✔️  Food-themed lists, e.g. “Best shareable snacks”, “Best wine lists”

✔️  Park lists, e.g., “Best hidden gem photo spots in each park”

✔️  Resort lists, e.g., “Best resort hopping activities”

100% Money-back Guarantee

Yes, really. Your dollars and your minutes are valuable, and you want to spend ‘em in the best way possible. We respect that.

Our goal: to offer you a system that’s convenient, strategic, and serves as a helpful planning tool for helping you experience attractions and meet and greets at Walt Disney World with minimal wait times.

Whether you’re an absolute newbie or a total WDW touring pro, we think you’ll be pretty doggone delighted. We hope you’ll learn something new, too, regardless of whether you’re a first-timer or a frequent guest.

With over 10,000+ happy customers, the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) has a track record that speaks for itself.

But you are our top priority. We want you to be completely thrilled with and excited by your purchase. That’s why we’re proud to offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you buy the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) and for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, just contact us within 30 days of your purchase and you’ll receive a full refund. 

No complicated forms required. No strings attached. Nothing to lose.

The Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide

line hacks mock up

1. New Reopening Queuing Pro Modules
(Value $29)


2. Signature “Line Hacks” Program
(Value $99)


3. Park Plan Designer Modules & Itineraries
(Value $39)

4. Snacks Superstar Modules & Lists
(Value $11)


5. Dining Hacks Program
(Value $39)


6. Dining Plan Optimizer
(Value $19)

 7. BONUS! Request Your Best Resort Room Module
(Value $29)


8. BONUS! “BEST OF” Disney Lists Master File
(Value $19)

Total Value = $383

Today’s Price = $24.99

The Details: The Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW is a one-time purchase that does not renew.

You’ll have access to the guide for one year for just $24.99. During that time, you’ll receive each and every update plus any new material we add to the Guide. 

Cue the confetti!

Updated no-risk extension policy: because we’re living in a time of unknowns, we are happy to grant a free membership extension if your plans change. 

Whether you’re a serious planner or you prefer to be more spontaneous, the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW has tips, tricks, and touring plans to fit your style. Yup, we guarantee it.

Your time is valuable, and the one week a year you get to spend ignoring your emails and watching the magic come alive with people you love?

We’re gonna guess that’s even more priceless.

And can you believe that 98% of Disney World guests don’t even think about optimizing their trip for the shortest wait times and the most efficient routes of navigating each park?

We don’t want that for you!

For $24.99 (that’s less than the cost of a sparkly pair of mouse ears in the latest must-have color), you’ll get access to proven, expert strategies designed to help you make the most of your Disney vacation.

Be part of that 2%: save up to 6 hours per day, enjoy your favorite rides, and don’t watch your time off pass you by while you stand in neverending lines.

The Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!), includes everything you need.

Perfectly organized. All in one place.

…And you can devour it all in less than 2 hours.

Will the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW work for me?

The Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) is perfect for you if you meet ANY of the following:

→  You need a go-to expert resource and community for the rapid post-COVID changes

→  You’ve ever waited in a line over 20 minutes

→  You’re visiting WDW with 12 or less people

→  You’re a first-time visitor, it’s been a while since your last trip, or you don’t consider yourself a super-pro (yet)

→  You’re already a Disney pro, but you love learning new things and discovering new strategies to make your trips even better

→  You’re not already getting at least 6-10 FastPasses during a full day at the parks (really!)

→  You’re overwhelmed by the intense planning process

→  You’re worried about not having time to check off everything on your list at Disney World

→  You’ve experienced anxiety or fear around missing your most desired experiences

→  You’ve been disappointed by not being able to get the dining reservations and FastPasses you had your heart set on

→  You love to read expert reviews, templates, lists, and guides to make your trip the best it can be (whether you’re a complete pro or a total beginner)

→  You value getting the most out of every minute and every dollar spent

→  You’re so completely over having 11 browser tabs open trying to find one specific detail, but everything is outdated, vague, and has 13 obnoxious ads for every line of text on the page

→  You’re ready for the most efficient and relaxed vacation ever

Frequently Asked Questions We know you’re thinking of 😉

Does the Insider’s Strategy Guide to WDW include Disney’s recent updates in response to COVID-19?

A: YES! Any time Disney makes a change, we update the guide with the best tested and proven strategies to help you make the most of your vacation time. So far, Disney has canceled FastPasses indefinitely and dining reservations as well – and more changes are probably on the way. That doesn’t mean you have to just wing it and hope for the best, though! While you might not be able to rely on the FastPasses and dining reservations you thought you had all figured out, you still need strategy. Think how-tos and best order for the new queuing systems, touring plans that allow you to get the most Disney for your money, and honest reviews about what to see and what to skip. That’s exactly what you’ll find in the Guide.

Hold up. No more than 20 minutes waiting in line? Is this for real?

Sounds crazy, right? But it’s totally for real! How? We use a combination of little-known FastPass strategies (this goes far beyond than just booking 3 FastPasses per day), tech tips most people don’t know about, and effective touring strategies. You won’t be running back and forth across the park, and you don’t have to get there for rope drop.

Still feel a little too good to be true? We get it! That’s why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Try Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) for up to 30 days. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll refund your money. It’s that simple.

I've already booked FastPasses/Dining/some/all of these and our trip is coming up soon. Can this still help?

YES! The Insider’s Guide works for anyone heading to the parks, regardless of how prepared (or underprepared!) you are. Some of the best tips and tricks in the guide go into heavy detail of exactly what you should be doing IN the parks to max out FastPass, optimize your touring, etc. 

Therefore, anyone heading to the parks will find value in the guide (so yes – we recommend even if you’ve planned out your trip to a tee).

I’ve been to Disney World like, 15 times OR I’m a Florida resident/Annual Passholder/Disney Vacation Club member. Will this teach me anything new?

Yes, it will! While we think beginner-to-intermediate Dis-goers will get the absolute most out of Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!), seasoned Disney pros love it, too! We actually get a ton of positive feedback from Florida residents, Annual Passholders, and DVC members who didn’t realize there was even more to know. And if, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!), we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. After almost 10,000 purchases and a 96% satisfaction rate, we think the chances of you learning something new are pretty dang good.

How long will it take me to get through this information? I don’t have a lot of spare time (or I'm leaving soon! Or I'm on vacation now!)

We hear you! Most people will be able to get through all of the content in about two hours. Even if you’re already on vacation and you only have 20 minutes to spare, you can absolutely watch the most critical, impactful videos in that amount of time and start beating those lines.


If you prefer to break the content into 10 – 20 minute sessions over the course of a few days, that works, too! It’s totally up to you. We specifically designed each module to be efficient, easy, and actionable. Don’t worry, this won’t feel like an exhausting college course!

Will this work during holidays or peak times?

We don’t guarantee some of the extreme results you’ll hear in the VIP group for high-peak times or major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, because crowds. If you’re going to WDW around the holidays, will you still be able to implement some of the strategies from the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!)? Definitely! Each year, we hear from happy customers who have lots of success. We’ll be honest: having the information is almost always better than not having the information, but you may not be able to put it all to use, because, again… crowds. 🙂

Spring break and summer, though? That’s a different story! We developed and tested Line Hacks™ specifically to be useful during those times.

I have more than 12 people in my party. Will this work for me?

The Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) works best for groups of 12 or fewer, especially because crowds are such a huge factor when it comes to wait times. For that reason, we don’t make any guarantees for larger groups. The bottom line: we don’t want you to pay for something that you won’t use.

That said, are you still likely to learn something new or useful? Yes! In fact, we often get feedback from people who’ve had success using Line Hacks™ for larger groups:

“I know the hacks work best for smaller groups, BUT this worked AMAZING for our group of 12 last week! Thank you for helping us have the most magical time by not spending it in line.” – Lanah, Wheelersburg, OH

I already have Line Hacks. How is this different?

If you already have Line Hacks™, you’re all set! Nothing changes for you — just log in and enjoy access to ALL the goods until your year is up!

If you don’t already have Line Hacks yet but you’re considering it: The Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW includes Line Hacks™ and so much more! In addition to our signature Line Hacks™program, you get in-depth planning modules for each park, Dining Hacks, our Dining Plan Optimizer, an assortment of checklists and printables, and access to our VIP Facebook group. Essentially, it’s 4x the awesome content for just $5 more than the original price of Line Hacks.

I have kids in my party OR I don’t have kids in my party. Will this work for my group?

Yes! The Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) is perfect for anyone heading to Disney – crowds don’t discriminate. Bonus for those of you traveling with little ones: many of the toddler rides and character meet and greets are the easiest attractions to use our strategies on!

Can’t I find this information for free using Google?

The truth is, you can find a lot of Disney information for free on the internet. But not all if it is current. Not all of it is good. Much of it is heavily biased towards that writer’s preferences and personality. Not all of it is presented in a way that’s easy to understand and apply. And it’s most definitely not all in one awesome, organized place. And – you can’t Google questions you don’t even know to ask!

Part of our charm? The Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) has everything you need, all in one place, presented in a helpful, actionable way. We have yet to see anything quite like it.

I feel funny about the word hacks -- does this mean we’re going to be doing something wrong?

We understand. For some people, “hacks” can bring to mind all sorts of nefarious things. In this case, though, all of our “hacks” are just tips and secrets for working within a complex system. Think organizational hacks, shopping hacks, or time management hacks: they’re all there to help you do something better or more efficiently. We’re teaching you some uncommon tricks and showing you how to use Disney’s algorithm to your advantage. Don’t worry: you’ll never find anything bad, unethical, or against the rules here.

Will this work for Disneyland in California?

Nope, sorry! The Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) is currently only good for Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

We’ll be publishing a Disneyland Strategy Guide sometime in 2020 though, so make sure to bookmark us!

Won’t these tricks stop working if everyone uses them?

That’s a great question! The keyword here is “everyone.” Walt Disney World gets an average of 55 million visitors each year. In comparison, our community is much smaller and more intimate. If 10,000 people buy the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) each year, that’s only 0.0001% of total visitors. As you can see, the actual number of people using these strategies is pretty tiny!

What if I’m not super tech savvy?

That’s totally ok! Everything in the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) is user-friendly and easy to navigate. We’ve taken extra care to present all of the information in the simplest, most helpful way. Even better: our video tutorials will walk you through all of the Disney World tech you need to know about, including the notorious My Disney Experience app.

I’m a Travel Agent/Blogger/Influencer and I’d love for my clients to have this information. Can we work together?

We do offer a generous affiliate program as well as a bulk discount rate for travel agents (bulk only, not for personal use). We have a lot of TAs that use our guide and encourage clients to! 

Bonus: after incorporating our materials into their planning and marketing, travel agents often see their bookings increase. Woohoo!   

To get started, shoot us an email at

Please note that TAs (or anyone) may not share their access to the guide, our works are federally registered and this is a violation and copyright and punishable under the law.


The Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) is AMAZING! Why isn’t it more expensive?

Thank you — we’re so glad you love it! We strive to keep the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) as affordable as possible for two main reasons: 1) we want to keep the Guide accessible and budget-friendly, and 2) going to WDW can be wildly expensive, and our goal is to help you make the most of the money and time you’re already spending without adding too much extra $$ to your bottom line.

I already purchased but am having trouble accessing the information. Halp!

When you first purchase the Insider’s Guide, you are required to create a username and password, and it then directs you to a site. You also receive an email with this information. You can try searching your inbox for “Wish Upon a Planner” – and check to see if this email was flagged them to another folder in your inbox.

If you do not have access to the email or information, you can always log in here. Here, you can also reset (and find) your username/password by entering the email you signed up with.


When should I purchase?

Your purchase gives you access to all content and the VIP group for 1 year. If you’re only going on a trip once in a 365 period, you’ll just need to make sure you’re within that time frame. 

While you could purchase last minute or even on vacation and still get the full value, we do recommend purchasing as early as you can. There’s a LOT of tools and guidance to help you with all planning from dining to FastPasses, and more. Many people find the planning process exciting, and like to purchase 6+ months in advance.

Why Buy Now?

We change the Guide and pricing often – buy today to lock in this low price and the bonuses!

The Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) has helped thousands of people just like you to minimize stress, have more fun, spend less time waiting in line, and actually enjoy their vacations.

Really, there are two ways to do Walt Disney World:

Struggle through the planning process, feel frustrated and overwhelmed, and possibly miss out on the dining reservations or FastPasses you wanted. 

Then spend most of your vacation waiting in line, refereeing squabbles between your kids, grumbling at your spouse, walk 300 miles, spend a ton of money, and arrive at home feeling even more weary than when you left.

– OR –

Get the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!).

Watch the video tutorials, read the PDF guides, and save the checklists. Sit back. Relax. Become a Disney pro.

Have fun planning your trip with your family or friends. Pick the perfect resort.

Get the FastPasses and dining reservations you want. Snag those remaining dining reservations once you get there. Use our strategies to get more FastPasses. Never wait in line for more than 20 minutes.

Watch your kids’ eyes light up. Laugh and hold hands with your partner. Feel your heart grow three sizes.

Come home feeling relaxed, happy, fulfilled, and closer to the ones you love.

Ready for the math to see how the guide will pay for itself and save you money!?

Don’t worry, it’s fun math! (But all math is fun math, don’t @ me)

If you’re in the parks for around 10 hours each day, the average cost per person, per hour of vacation is $40. If you’re part of a group of 3, that means your trip is running you $120 PER HOUR.

But there’s a better way. You don’t have to waste that time and money waiting in line.

We guarantee that the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) will save you at least one hour per day. Our average user reports saving around six hours per day and more than 20 hours per week.

  • 20 hours saved per week with a party of 3 = $2,400
  • One hour saved per week with a party of 3 = $120
  • Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) = $24.99

Pay $24.99 to save up to 20 hours and the equivalent of $2,400? Yes, please!

As you can see, the Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide to WDW (with Line Hacks™!) is a tiny investment that’ll more than pay for itself on the first day of your trip.

You’re probably spending hundreds — if not thousands — on your Disney vacation. Let us help you plan your trip, skip the lines, save time and money, and have your most magical visit ever.

The Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide

line hacks mock up

1.New Reopening Queuing Pro Modules
(Value $29)


2. Signature “Line Hacks” Program
(Value $99)


3. Park Plan Designer Modules & Itineraries
(Value $39)

4. Snacks Superstar Modules & Lists
(Value $11)


5. Dining Hacks Program
(Value $39)


6. Dining Plan Optimizer
(Value $19)

7. BONUS! Request Your Best Resort Room Module
(Value $29)


8. BONUS! “BEST OF” Disney Lists Master File
(Value $19)

Total Value = $383

Today’s Price = $24.99