Learn How To Never Wait In Lines At Disney World Again.


Who is it good for?

We consider it a must add-on to your Disney trips if:

you are still waiting in lines any longer than 20 minutes during your visits


you are not using more than 3-5 FastPasses per day

It is great for all ages, and works best for parties of less than 4*.

*see FAQ below for more details

Ok…What the Heck is Line Hacks?

Line Hacks is a crash e-course/online guide that will show you how to never wait in a line longer than 15 minutes while at Disney World again, primarily by using FastPass all day.
There are legitimate “hacks” we will walk you through, that approximately 97% of our customers report not being aware of (and changing their Disney World vacations forever!)
It includes everything from technological tricks, to comprehensive guides and itineraries that show you how to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth out of your vacation.
With tutorial videos, comprehensive PDF guides and itinerary plans and strategies on how to best tour the parks to never wait in lines more than 10-15 minutes at most, it is the perfect addition to your vacation if you are not yet a FastPass expert (aka, using FastPass to jump the lines all day. Like, 12+ FastPasses a day).

Guarantee & Testimonials

“I wanted to thank you for your line hacks. We used them yesterday at Hollywood Studios and they worked amazing! We got there at rope drop to ride Slinky Dog since we could not get a FP 60 days out. We rode our first FP after that and was able to recheck and move up the next 2 as well. We were able to get 7 FP all day and even able to get another one for Slinky after lunch!! We were so excited to be able to ride it twice and we were able to ride Alien Saucers and Toy Story Mania 3 times!! Finished the night with front row at Fantasmic!! What an amazing experience my daughter and I had. THANK YOU!!!”

Kristi C.


“I’ve been to Disney so many times. Almost didn’t spend the money to watch the tutorials. I’m so excited to go next week! Awesome hack! Love it.”

Amie H.


“Would definitely recommend! I didn’t think I could learn much about FastPass+ as someone who has been on several occasions, but I will definitely use these hacks on my next trip.”

Claire D.

United Kingdom

“I visit Disney World often as my parents live in Orlando and take planning my vacations seriously. I was skeptical I could learn anything new with Line Hacks, but I was wrong! This is the best money I have spent on a Disney trip and can’t wait to try it at Thanksgiving. THANK YOU!”

Danielle G.


“I am here to 10 Days, I had no idea how beneficial it would be. It really helps and works! I just scored tons of things and got so many better times. We aren’t waiting for rides because we are utilizing our FastPasses effectively. It’s stinking hot, so we are very thankful. It’s worth $15!!!”

Heather M.


“I haven’t used this yet but I’ve purchased it and just watching the videos is mind blowing! Can’t wait to use it myself!” 

Karen H.


“First time for all of us!!! I saw an ad on Facebook and thought it would be a perfect fit for us. We are really doing a lot of research and I have to say, your site was definitely most beneficial so far.”


“I bought this for my second trip to Disney World and I was going most days with my mother and the other days with my sister and her kids. I think it really helped me getting the most of the day with my mom, for example, we got 10 fast passes on one day! It also helped my sister’s kids get more meet and greet FastPasses with characters!”

Haley R.


“I purchased after seeing the Facebook ad while planning an upcoming trip. Today is the 1st day of the trip and it has already paid itself off!!!”

Laurel J.


100% Money-Back Guarantee

It is our goal to make sure the system is helpful to you and your family, getting you through attractions and character greetings in the parks with minimal to zero waits.

If you’re not an expert, we think you’ll be pretty doggone enlightened and learn something new – whether you’re a first timer, or a frequent guest. Our most impressed customers are Annual Passholders and DVC members, actually.

So, if you still find yourself standing in long lines, and not using FastPass to it’s full extent – this is a must-have for your trips.

If you’re not satisfied, you can simply request your money back within 14 days. We aren’t here to get ya, so no worries.

Check out our FAQ below if you’re already advanced and curious if the system will be useful to you.

*please review the statements on the checkout page. At the current time, we have not extensively tested our system for over 4 people, or during peak calendar times. This is only because we don’t have firsthand experience. We do still believe that using these hacks in conjuction with our PDF guides during these times. will serve you very well, and is a better alternative than not being exposed to the information.

Line Hacks FAQ

Of course this isn't just to tell you the obvious. The course does have a section for beginners that goes over all the basics of FastPass (i.e., how to book, to get more after using the first three, etc.), but many will be able to skip over that. This is advanced information. This course also includes PDF guides and itineraries for touring the parks that accompany the hacks, which we have created ourselves and can’t be found on the internet. The PDF guides alone are great for beginners-intermediate guests. A lot of time, research, and money was put into creating this for users. This course includes actual tech tricks that we haven't found floating around. From the customers that actually report to us, we currently have only 3% who report already using these strategies and itineraries. If you're skeptical but already consider yourself a Disney expert, feel free to send us a message if you need help making a decision. The most positive feedback we get is often from Annual Passholders, Florida residents, and DVC members who frequest WDW but were unaware of some of the strategies. We also have many Disney travel agents purchase and are very excited to share this information with their clients (we also are starting an affiliate program, so please inquire within if interested). Even if it’s not all completely new, the video demonstrations and PDF guides alone are more extensive, detailed, and able to really put a huge dent in your touring when used in conjunction. We're here to help, so let us know if you have any other questions.
Absolutely! This is an amazing product if you have young kids in tow. Especially to be able to FastPass all of the eligible character greetings instead of waiting in stand-by. Many of the toddler/younger rides are easiest to use our strategies on, resulting in much less time spent in lines on your vacation when you add up 20-30 minutes here and there each day. We specialize in blogging and vacation planning for adults, but Line Hacks is a separate product and great for everyone.
No. Line Hacks was made to use at Disney World (all four parks). Please do not purchase this for a Disneyland trip. We recommend TouringPlans.com if you are headed to Disneyland.
Being exposed to the information is certainly better than not being exposed, but know that we have not tested with more than four people, and do not make any guarantees. Crowd levels are also a huge factor in how well these strategies work, along with how much you are willing to execute them. It's up to you, and we want to make sure you don't pay for something that doesn't have much use. However, we will say this information is incredibly valuable and may work just fine for bigger groups. If you are willing to split your party into smaller sizes as well, we think you should give it a whirl.
We do not guarantee it for peak times, as we have not tested this during major and busy holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Years, and Presidents Day. We have had many people report success during the summer months and spring break times. Again, being exposed to the information is certainly better than not being exposed to it, but it is up to your discretion.
No, especially if you don’t want to! Line Hacks strategies will show you how to use it to do what you’d like. We can’t teach you to magically teleport on rides (that’d be nice), but it will show you that you don’t need to be running around in order for it to work.
We love Touring Plans, particularly the Lines app, and have been using since 1998. However with the new digital FastPass+ addition, there are now ways to attempt to avoid stand-by lines completely, and only use FastPass. We subscribe to Touring Plans every year, and always use our hacks in conjunction with them. If you are using BOTH Touring Plans and Line Hacks - congratulations, you are now the ultimate Disney World line hopping Jedi Master.
We haven't actually found this anywhere, at least in extensive detail. If this info ever becomes very well known, we will likely change the product. For now, these are still considered insider tricks and we put this together to help you save time, and if you’re not at an expert level and desire to be. This is still not something discussed extensively and we don’t believe it will ever ultimately be, except within the major Disney junkie communities, forums, and guidebooks. We show you exactly what you need to know, and gives you PDF guides with times and patterns of each of the four parks to make sure you’re absolutely crushing your trip. Consider this your Ultimate Line Beating Guidebook! We will also always be adding new information on touring strategies anytime it is necessary.

Why Line Hacks:

As someone who has never waited more than 10 minutes for a line in over a decade, I get upset when I hear these things:

 “Well we didn’t get to do ‘XYZ’ because of the long wait”
“We waited 50 minutes for this”

or…you didn’t get to ride a favorite ride again (and again).

Everyone should ride Buzz Lightyear at least twice – minimum!

From all of my research, I am going to say that –
98% of people visiting Walt Disney World theme parks aren’t going about it the best way. 
That’s not to sound harsh – it’s the truth.
There is so much amazing content and helpful Disney experts on the web, but when it comes to waiting in lines, not a lot of people know the exact strategies to use, and which times.
And it is hard to get these all in one place.
Some people are unaware of even the basics, or don’t understand how to use certain hacks and tricks to literally see everything you want without waiting lines.
(please at the minimum, read this blog post if you aren’t ready to buy!)
While rope drop is a great way to beat lines, not everyone wants to start each day of vacation that early or crazy (I can’t – again, it’s still vacation!)

There are also more options than just single rider, trying to wait in lower standby lines, etc.

We’ve studied, tracked, and analyzed crowds and line patterns at Disney World for over 15 years – and then the technical side of the MDE app and newer FastPass+ – and then created a blueprint of exactly what we do when we’re in the parks.

Using the hacks from the videos and the PDF touring guides for each park, you’ll learn how to almost never wait more than 10 minutes in lines, and only use stand-by if waits are less than 10-15 minutes max.

What People Are Saying About Line Hacks

With Line Hacks, you will get access to video training series and PDF downloads that will walk you step-by-step through the entire process from start to finish.

You get insiders-only instructions on how to structure your day and avoid the lines to help you get the full Disney experience.
I’ll give you the exact blueprint you need to succeed, and show you exactly what to do in the parks.


In just 30 minutes, you’ll understand and learn to avoid all rookie mistakes, and learn the insider tricks!
You’ll know exactly how to navigate the tech and organization to skip all the lines
whether you’re a Florida local, 
or you’ve never been to Walt Disney World.

OK, ok. I’m in!

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