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For readers and travel agents

First: I am not a travel agent and Disney guest policies are not my specialty.

I focus on strategy via content creation – and most efforts go to my guides and products, and my VIP members and Inner Circle Patrons.

However, since I receive dozens of requests for vacation planning assistance daily and would have to charge a hefty amount for consulting, I’ve come up with multiple cost-effective ways to work with me 1:1!

Patreon Tiers shot

The Patreon “Inner Circle” was created after suggestions by you all – looking for even more insider content and more intimate access to me.

Like most of my offerings, I plan on bringing tons of value, juicy content, and establishing a truly epic community. I’m excited to establish even more personal relationships with many of you.

I’ve created multiple Tiers for different budgets – whether you just want to know every single thing Disney World in these crazy times, be Disney besties for the long haul, or you are one who emails me telling me I’m undercharging and wants to buy me a La Cava margarita 😉

And no worries – my Insider’s and VIP group will still get plenty of strategy. Being a Patron in the Inner Circle is just more intimate, immediate, and insider than ever before (and we get to know each other!).

$47 – Loom 1:1 Video Recording

This service allows you to send me an e-mail with 1-3 questions you have for your trip (FastPass, Dining, Resort Requests, strategy, etc.).

You will receive a video and screen recording of me answering your questions in detail, and directing you to any relevant information you may need.

Questions must be concise and clear, and not require more than a 10-minute response (max video recording is 10 minutes).

I speak fast and don’t leave out any juicy details, so no worries there.

If you’re ready to book a video recording consult, click here.

Ali Wigle Work With Me Loom Video

Business & marketing consulting for Travel Agents

After quitting my RN job and building a six-figure Disney business in less than a year, many women resonate with my story, particularly TAs who want a side hustle, go full-time, or increase their income.

Unfortunately, I do see a lot of the things TAs are doing wrong – which usually is a mix of poor marketing, and poor content and social media strategy.

I work a limited amount of TAs who are serious about growing their business quickly and have the time and resources to invest. The current option is available in my Patreon “Me Hearties” Tier.