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Tired of second-guessing if your DIY planning is*actually* going to pay itself off once you touch down in Orlando?

If you’ve spent hours learning more than you wanted to know about Disney World—when all you really want to do is make sure your vacation is as epic as possible—1-on-1 concierge planning might be for you.

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Get on all the rides you want with minimal waits and effort

Score almost any reservation you’re dreaming of—even if you already missed the initial booking window

Head to WDW so confident in your expertise that every day of your vacation is going to feel like a VIP tour day (minus the price tag, AND starring you as the family hero!)

Between working, momming, activities, and trying to exist as an adult…maybe it's just time to call in the expert when it comes to crossing those t’s and dotting those i’s for your family’s dream week at Disney.  ✍️

Which means making sure that you know exactly how to:

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Which is why I currently offer VIP Planning Sessions:

because proper Disney planning can get to be a lot...
and sometimes you just need to call in the big guns 💪

Bring your plans or vacation goals to the table, and let’s hash out the deets until you feel like such an expert, I’ll be asking you if you need a job ;)

There are two ways to work with me 1-on-1:


The Power Planning Hour
(60 minute, 1-on-1 strategy video session)

Use this hour to pick my brain on anything and everything Disney planning—we can develop new plans from scratch, do a full audit and put the finishing touches on any current plans, or even do quick intensives on whatever has you antsy (Lightning Lanes, dining reservations and plans, etc.).


The VIP Planning Day
(4 hour, 1-on-1 messaging session)

A more casual option with no video chat required: you’ll get access to me for fours hours via a messaging app of your choice (Facebook Messenger or the Voxer app—both super simple to use!). We’ll exchange voice and/or text messages during this time, as well as any relevant links, to hash out your perfect vacation plan. 

If you're ready for your Disney trip to be a VIP experience,
minus the whole actual $5,000+ VIP tour price tag and runaround,
let’s get you on the books, m'friend. ✏️

Book your strategy session with Ali now

We’ll have one hour on the call, or the four for messaging on the VIP day, and we’ll knock out as much as we can—you’re the boss. If we have extra time, I am happy to discuss general tips, tricks and hacks to make your vacation better. Within 48 hours after the call, you’ll receive a recording and call notes that are yours to keep, rewatch, or print to take on vacation.

During and after your VIP session:


You’ll complete a brief questionnaire with any of your current plans, as well as your goals for the call or VIP day. I’ll be reviewing this before our session so that we’re not wasting time reviewing, and that way we can hit the ground running right after we say a brief hello (we’re going to max out your time, my friend!).

Complete the pre-session questionnaire:


Once you’re paid in full, my team will be in touch within 48 hours to schedule your VIP hour/day. You can usually book as early as two weeks out to two months out. Sometimes we can squeeze this in within a week’s notice, but it all depends on my travel schedule.

Pay and book your session:


How it works:

Audit and fine-tune any existing plans: make sure you’re going to the right places at the right times, avoiding major crowds, and making the most of your vacation time

Create customized itineraries and strategy for your park days

Design an ideal vacation week from scratch—which parks to go to which days, the best times to make reservations for dining, extras, etc., park hopping strategies (if needed), break days and down time ideas, etc.

Figure out exactly what next steps to take to ensure you get all of the reservations you want (including any you missed)

Do an intensive on any topics that may have your Disney anxiety high: Genie+ and Lightning Lane strategy, reservations and dining plans, transportation, etc.

Discuss more general Disney or lifestyle travel strategy: purchasing DVC, setting up a travel “hacking” system via credit cards/points, etc.

*I also offer general business & marketing consulting for aspiring Disney content creators, travel agents, etc. Both the Power Hour via 60-min video call and the VIP day (4 hours via messaging app) are offered at the same rates. Just make a note of who you are and what you’re looking for on your pre-session questionnaire!

Things we can accomplish during your VIP session:

These strategy hours and sessions are designed so that you walk away with the knowledge to make *every day* a VIP day
for your family at the parks—what may have seemed impossible or overwhelming now seems not only doable, but easy.

Book a 1-on-1 with Ali

clients are raving

"We studied your modules and dominated the parks!"

So whether you feel like you’ve maxed out your eyeballs consuming blogs, newsletters, and now you’re creeping into the “wasting time” zone

Or you’re getting so anxious or overwhelmed that you’re in that “freeze mode” and aren’t taking any productive steps towards making your vacation count..

Or worse, COMPLETELY throwing your hands up and looking at shelling out for a pricey VIP tour at the parks that you’re not even sure you want to take...because it sort of just sounds like a big commitment that now requires strategy on maxing out THAT pricey investment…gah.

Skip the fuss and go to the source. 

The Power Hour and VIP Day will get you my two decades of strategic Disney expertise to yourself, 1-on-1. 

Let’s finally get those
non-Googleable questions answered and those plans customized and perfected for YOUR family.

*teachers and current All-Access Pass holders receive $100 off bookings

Yes! I want to work 1-on-1 with Ali!


The investment:

For the Power Planning Hour or the VIP Day

clients are raving

Our trip has been from 6/19-6/26. I’m at WDW doing this survey, actually. Our trip has been epic and super efficient and we have loved it! We are a family of 4: Mom, Dad, 2 girls (ages 8 and 4). Park hopper, LL, the Genie+ Tips and tricks, 26/8, EE, rope drop, staying late, your foodie suggestions for snacks and restaurants, it ALL worked for us, so thank you, Ali. You’re my new best friend.

Our trip has been epic!

– shelley, VT

I want to thank you for all the Genie+ tips. We took advantage of early entry and with the tips, we rarely waited in line. We rode Expedition Everest three times in a row with no line. We never followed the crowd but we stuck to your tips and it worked. Thank you for all your work!! 😊

We never waited in line!

– Mellisa M.T., Texas

Since being a customer, I’ve taken the time to really strategize ahead of our WDW trips in order to maximize our vacations and get the most for our money. I felt like I was prepared for any scenario, which is awesome b/c you don't always know if the fam is going to be up at dawn ready to rope drop or needs a day to sleep in. Either way, I felt prepared to still get a lot out of our day!

We maximize our vacations!

– Christina B., Ohio

We were able to get many sold out rides with your strategies. I think my family would hate our trips if I didn’t have them planned out and strategized with what I’ve learned through you. It would take our favorite family time of the year to possibly the worst if they went on a trip only to stand in lines. They never stand in lines because of my planning. The only lines we stand in are bus lines.

We went on sold-out rides!

– Erin C., Tennessee

Real talk...

I keep it busy between running a business and being a CEO, constant travel, and of course, trying to have a life outside of all of that.

And because this is time spent away from all of those things, I can only offer a limited amount of spots each month. And when things get busier, the price must go up, or I’ll have to no longer offer these calls. So if you’re feeling like you’re ready to do this…let’s get you booked for concierge planning asap. I talk and move fast, so trust me that we can get a ton done in an hour.

You after our call: walking off into the (cinderella castle) sunset, ready to dominate the parks 💪



I want to book— but I need expert help quickly! How soon you offer the Power Hours and VIP days?

We can usually book you as early as two weeks out, sometimes earlier, sometimes later depending on Ali’s travel schedule. If you’re in a time crunch, please send the team an email first to see if we have any close openings. In general, booking at least 2-4 weeks in advance and giving yourself and Ali time to prepare for the call is best!

What if we run out of time or I have follow-up questions after our session?

This is rented time, so please understand that there are no follow-ups by Ali via email or elsewhere. You are welcome to crowdsource any questions that come up afterwards in one of our Facebook Groups, or book another call/VIP Day.

What all can we discuss and accomplish during a session?

You’ll dictate how you want your session time to go, but here are the most common topics:

Creating custom park itineraries, designing an overall efficient vacation week (choosing the right park days/times/reservation slots/etc.), auditing and fine-tuning any current plans, discussing in-depth your custom strategy for Genie+/Lightning Lanes, dining reservations, and much more. 

I’m a teacher or I’m currently holding an All-Access Pass! How do I get my discount?

Teachers (Pre-K through University) as well as current All-Access Pass holders receive $100 off their choice of strategy session.

To receive the special discounted link, just email our team at and note who you are and if you’re a teacher, include proof of credentials (webpage, email address, pay stub, etc.).

Can I use the concierge planning with you DURING my vacation?

The Power Hour and VIP Days are for strategic planning ahead of your vacation—not during vacation.

While it’d be a lot of fun to try and help you while you’re actually in the parks, that’s a lot of pressure on both of us and logistically difficult! I give you my word that you’re going to feel super confident once you arrive to Disney—and if you don’t, we’ll make it right.

If I book a Power Hour or VIP Day with Ali, is there a guarantee that I’ll obtain certain Lightning Lanes or reservations?

A lot of unforeseen things can happen during a Disney trip (bad weather, weird crowds, ride shutdowns, illnesses/hanger/moods, etc.) – we do not have any affiliation with Disney or special connections, so please understand that we can never guarantee anything.

However, we receive glowing testimonials every day in our inbox of customers who were able to accomplish everything they wanted to do during their vacation and more. 

This sounds great but I’m not sure I can afford it right now—how else can I get a VIP experience?

Understandable. The best way to get as organized and gain as much knowledge for your trip as possible in a DIY manner is: purchase the All-Access Pass or a bundle from the shop and design your days with the Complete Park Strategy Playbook. Then study up on Genie+ with the mini-course.

If food & dining is an fun part of your vacation planning, get the Planning Blueprints.

And then of course, always stay up on strategy via free Listletter and articles on our Library.

Do these things, and you’ll literally be in the 1% of park guests when it comes to parks knowledge.

People pay for VIP Tours that start at a whopping 5K for one (exhausting) day just to rush around the park and skip the lines. 

But the really confident planner?

You can crush it every day at the parks, making each day of your vacation feel like a dreamy VIP day.

If you’re ready for the full Wish Upon a Planner VIP experience, book your session today to work with Ali 1-on-1.

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