Oh hey there! I’m Ali – owner of Wish Upon a Planner, and Disney for Adults Extraordinnaire. I’m currently working on posting the long version of me, how I transitioned from a tired career in nursing and started this amazing company…but for now, I’ll hit you with the basics. Ya know, the good stuff. Who I am, and what makes me tick…

Previous life: from Louisville, Kentucky, still call it home although it’s been awhile. Spent a lot of time around horse racing, and wondering where the beach was.

Started college on a finance scholarship, ended up becoming a Registered Nurse.

Vagabond in my 20’s – from California, to Africa, to Charleston, SC – and more. Strong intolerance for cold weather/winter. Give me the island life all day long.


Married to my gem of a husband Chad, who coaches for the USA Olympic Boxing Team!

So we’re out here in Colorado Springs and I’m dealing with winter.
Tip: simultaneously living in and hating a cold climate is a great time to start a digital business.

It’s just the two of us, which is how I’m a kiddo-free adult Disney expert. We’re usually acting like dweebs or eating Domino’s pizza. Almost always.


  • Non-fiction and learning. Anything psychology, finance, science, the list goes on.
  • Beaches, islands, oceans, etc.
  • Ideas and thoughts.
  • Traveling pretty much anywhere.
  • Donuts, cheese pizza, sushi, queso, candy, pastries, chocolate…you get it.
  • Ballet, hiking, and movement that is either outdoors or that tricks me into getting exercise.
  • Meeting and really getting to know fun, awesome, and/or weird people, talking about fun, awesome and/or weird ideas – preferably one on one.
  • Red wine, particularly California Zinfandels and Russian River Pinot Noirs.
  • The Office, aka the greatest show ever.


  • Cold weather. It’s cold if its less than 65 degrees.
  • Gyms, cardio, fitness trends
  • Unpleasant and/or inconsiderate people
  • Bugs that fly. Or jump. 
  • Repetitive or loud noises
  • Shopping for clothes.

Life Goals:
Be able to do the splits; to never get a speeding ticket; there’s something else that should go here and I can’t remember it  :/

My Typical Day:
Slow mornings, lots of eating, writing, talking, and planning Disney; dance studio; daydreaming about sushi and traveling abroad.

Disney World favorites:

The Boardwalk and Polynesian, Mickey Waffles, La Cava happy hours (queso and jalapeno margaritas, please), Sanaa bread service, eating everything at the France pavilion in EPCOT, and riding Splash Mountain, Dinosaur, and Toy Story Mania on repeat.

…enough for now. I want you to know I’m really glad we’ve found each other, and that I hope you are or will decide to do an adult trip to Walt Disney World. And my blog and services will inspire you and give you fresh knew knowledge…helping you open up doors you didn’t even know existedI’m not kidding. I’m a beast when it comes to Dis and you will be too if you stick around.

And let me know about YOU! Like if you’re ever in Disney and want to share a funnel cake and hangout. Or if you blog about Disney too. Or something else. You’re in healthcare and burnt out too…and want to start a website about some really niche passion. Whatever it is – give me a shout.



Stay along for the ride!

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