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First, almost all questions we receive about The Insider’s Digital Strategy Guide and VIP membership are found here on the FAQ page.

For our Planning Blueprints, you can find the FAQ here. To learn more about the different themed Blueprints, you can click each one for a more detailed description of what’s included and who it’s right for.

For any questions not answered on the FAQ page, please e-mail us at 

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If you’ve purchased the Insider’s Guide, you can login here, and find your username/reset your password if you’ve misplaced it.

If you’ve purchased Planning Blueprints, you should receive email instructions on how to download your products within minutes of your purchase.

If you have purchased products but not received any email, please check your good ol’ spam folder! If you still can’t find them, please e-mail us at 

Troubleshooting joining VIP group: If you’ve purchased the Insider’s Guide and are trying to join the VIP group, please follow instructions carefully. You can find your item/invoice/transaction number on your payment receipt that would have been emailed to you. You can also find it under your “Account Information” when logged in but only on a desktop, not mobile. So if you can’t find your email receipt, we suggest logging onto a desktop and you can grab your transaction number that way. 

I need planning advice or help!

Since we know our Disney pretty well, we receive hundreds of messages per day asking for advice. If we answered these, this would leave us no room to actually create content and run our site, so we cannot respond to those asking for personal advice or planning related to Disney.

We’re usually in the VIP Facebook group and do 1:1 Ask Me Anything planning sessions there, so consider purchasing The Insider’s Guide that comes with VIP membership if you’re wanting our advice. We’re happy to provide free content on this blog, as well as paid products. And any purchase you make helps support the website and an ad-free experience!

You can also:

Follow Ali on Instagram for plenty of Disney advice, snack pics, and juicy tips  😉

And join our free, no-BS Facebook Planning group to search and post questions.

We also have great TA recommendations below.

Do you book or plan disney vacations?

We personally are creators and spend our time creating content for The Insider’s Guide and our free email newsletter; Ali is not a TA. She will do occasionally paid video consults starting at $75 per half hour, email if you are interested.

We do have two expertly picked agents that we recommend and even use ourselves, and their services are free with vacation booking. We’re pretty picky, so they’re the best of the best:

Wish Upon a Planner’s preferred travel agents:

Haley Tyson

Jess Clark

For any questions not answered above, email us at