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You’ll receive your personalized recorded session within 72 business hours of payment and info.

This service allows you to send me 1-3 questions you have for your trip (FastPass, Dining, Resort Requests, strategy, etc.) OR, whatever I can answer in less than 10 minutes – I move quick! 😉

You will receive a video and screen recording of me answering your questions in detail, with a copy of all necessary notes or links included as well. You’ll be able to pause, speed up or slow down, and view the recording at anytime.

Terms & Conditions:

You will receive your ten-minute video recording session within 72 business hours of submitting questions and payment.

There are no refunds for the Loom consults, and because of the low price, there are no follow up emails. Any additional consulting is available at the rate of $150/hr.

If you submit questions and then decide you want to change something, I will allow emailed changes as long as I have not yet started your consult.

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